ADMA Internet Cookies Masterclass

Third-party cookies are on their way out – is your business facing digital marketing fortune or famine?

What will the future of digital marketing look like without third-party cookies?

Eliminating third-party cookies will have a major impact on the digital marketing industry and the way ads are being served to users, but it need not be the end of the digital marketing industry as is sometimes reported.

In this Internet Cookie Master Class you will learn:

  • How to navigate the new digital marketing landscape
  • How to prepare your teams for the deprecation of cookies
  • Consumer privacy regulatory developments that need to be considered
  • The broader context of the impending changes of third-party cookies
  • How to put together your new digital marketing action plan of next steps.

The phasing out of third-party cookies is the biggest transformational event to impact digital marketing in 20 years.

7 virtual sessions, over 7 weeks
Missed a session? You can catch up on demand.

Includes Q&A opportunities
Leave with a full audit & action plan for your business

Course starts 11th May 2021
Tuesday lunchtimes from 12:30pm AEST

Plus receive a FREE comprehensive eGuide explaining the impacts of industry changes, including thought starters and action points to prepare your business.

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Who would benefit from attending the Cookies Masterclass?

Marketers of all levels who value customer experience, engagement and ROI. 

The course content is relevant to any data-driven marketer, advertiser, adtech and/or compliance manager who finds themselves needing to address the change that is coming with cookie deprecation. Get ahead of the changes and understand what brought us to where we are today.

The cookie may crumble – but your business growth and compliance doesn’t have to.

Upon successful completion of the Internet Cookies Masterclass, you will be awarded with an ADMA digital badge as recognition of your commitment to the program.
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What you will learn:

Prepare your team and the business for the huge changes that are coming, including how to audit the current landscape and then understand how best position the business. Develop a summary and audit results outlining how the business will be future proofed.

  1. Week 1: How we got to where we are

    Why is this the biggest transformational event to impact digital marketing in 20 years?
    In this first session we demystify the evolution of the interconnected world of cookies & mobile app tracking; an ecosystem that has underpinned  your internet marketing for 20 years. We will discuss why privacy regulations have been an extreme catalyst of change for tech giants & their mobile operating systems / internet browser fiefdoms; no longer allowing you to have that direct interaction with consumer data that has historically been available via cookie based technology.

  2. Week 2: The bottom line

    What are the immediate and longer term impacts of this shift? Why do they matter to me?
    The impacts of cookie and IDFA deprecation have wide reaching impacts within all organisations.Preparing and understanding where you need to adapt both existing and future operational commitments related to digital marketing is of paramount importance. We will explain the reasons to prepare, and why you should act now to reduce risk exposure across media spend, technology & agency partnerships and internal systems that are both directly & indirectly impacted by these rapid changes.

  3. Week 3: Getting your house in order

    A cookieless world is already happening but how prepared are you?
    There are many data solutions out there but the trick is not making the expensive mistake. Not knowing how to reach your customers, is becoming very real but the good news is you can navigate today’s challenges and turn your marketing into a highly proficient investment for your brand and the company. This module will help you understand what are the first steps to take, where are the pitfalls and how do you successfully setup a clean and transparent data solution that will redefine your marketing and media investments

  4. Week 4: Audit and Risk Governance

    Auditing, Privacy and Data ethics and management
    Self regulation and preparing for a "privacy first marketing" world should be a priority for 2021. Understanding how and where you  collect, store and activate consumer data ensures your ability to adhere to growing regulations as much as it will identify where tech changes impact your business. This session outlines the tools & approaches that could be used to share & activate consumer data safely while identifying areas of your existing operations that could put you within the cross hairs of a growing ACCC interest in privacy.

  5. Week 5: Partner Up

    Identifying and testing various approaches to a cookieless ecosystem should already have started.
    The aim of this session is to highlight technologies and partners that can allow you to adhere to regulations while filling targeting and measurement gaps.  We will cover an non-partisan overview of different in-house, agency and local publisher solutions that advertisers should be considering in a privacy first marketing world; learning how & why to utilise, but not become beholden to tech giants as measurement and targeting partners.

  6. Week 6: Continued Growth

    How do we continue to grow despite the impending impacts? What does success look like?
    Adapting to the cookieless future is not a one-and-done transition - success in the new world will require ongoing investment and education. Even with the right technologies and partners in place, there are new ways of working and changes to people & processes that are needed to thrive in the future state. We will cover a range of benchmarks around what your capabilities should be able to deliver, and discuss how to future-proof your ecosystem for the privacy-first future.

  7. Week 7: Future Models

    Where are we headed and an industry outlook.
    Panel discussion with key leaders.

Meet our Experts

Sarla Fernando
Head of Regulatory & Advocacy, ADMA

Sarla is a globally experienced, digitally-grounded professional, proficient in developing commercial Digital Marketing and Privacy strategies, and Data Governance and Optimisation strategies for large multi divisional/ multi-national businesses. Sarla has also provided legal, governance, marketing and branding advisory for large scale projects that cross jurisdictions for  businesses in Australia, NZ, Germany, UK, USA, HK and Sri Lanka.

Chris Brinkworth
Principal Owner at SynergyStack

Chris brings a refreshing combo of ad tech savvy and realistic problem solving to assist marketing, publishing & agency executives understand and overcome data driven marketing obstacles in a 'privacy first' and 'cookieless world'.  A pioneer in his field, Chris has passionately explored and driven cutting-edge digital data and analytics solutions for more than 20 years.

Clay Gill
CEO Matterkind

Clay has 25yrs+ experience in Media and Ad Tech, having won international and local awards for media effectiveness and digital innovation. Clay has experience in media and adtech for brands such as Coke, Amex, Kellogg’s, LG, NAB, Bupa, Tourism Australia, as well as sitting in country lead roles for companies like Mindshare, 247ai and TheTradeDesk.

Joey Nguyen
Co-Founder & Executive Director, Venntifact 

Joey is on of Australia's premier marketing technology thought leaders. With 16 years of background in digital and 12 years in marketing technology, Joey has extensive experience across many verticals (telco, financial services, food & beverage, tech, travel and retail) and now works with leading brands across Australia and worldwide, helping to shape their customer experience technology strategy.

Peter Leonard
Principal of Data Synergies

Peter Leonard is a Sydney-based business consultant and lawyer advising data-driven business and government agencies in the South East Asian region, including Australia. Peter is principal of Data Synergies and a Professor of Practice at UNSW Business School (Management and Governance, and IT Systems and Management). Peter chairs the IoT Alliance Australia’s Data Access, Use and Privacy work stream, the Law Society of New South Wales’ Privacy and Data Committee and the Australian Computer Society’s Artificial Intelligence and Ethics Technical Committee. Peter was a founding partner of Gilbert + Tobin, now a large Australian law firm. He serves on a number of corporate and advisory boards.

Joshua Lowcock
Chief Digital Officer / Board Member

Joshua Lowcock is an Australian digital media executive living in New York. He serves as the Chief Digital Officer for UM, Global Brand Safety Officer for Mediabrands, and is on the board of ASX listed companies including Accent Group Ltd (ASX:AX1), Cashrewards Ltd (ASX:CRW), and Prime Media Group (ASX:PRT). In addition, Joshua serves on the client advisory councils of companies such as Facebook, Verizon, and more. Joshua was named by AdWeek as 1 of the 50 most influential people in media and in April 2021 Adweek also named him as one of 25 Media All Stars. Joshua  is frequently sought as an industry expert by various publications.


The live online course starts on Tuesday 11th May at 12pm AEST. Live lectures are each Tuesday and Thursday from 12:30pm AEST, for 7 weeks. The first lecture is Tuesday 11th May. The last lecture is Thursday 22nd June. If you miss a session, the lessons are available on demand, after the live lesson is complete.

The Internet Cookies Masterclass  is relevant to any data-driven marketer, advertiser, adtech and/or compliance manager who finds themselves needing to address the change that is coming with cookie deprecation. ADMA has developed this course to support the advertising and marketing communtiy through the significant changes that are affecting our community.

The Internet Cookies Masterclass is a 7-week course. Each participant will be provided with a complimentary e-book at the completion of the program.

ADMA, Australia’s leading industry body for marketers, has partnered with leading professionals from all elements of the data driven marketing community to develop this course.

Yes, the sessions will be livestreams and then available for the rest of the week in recorded form. You can access the sessions from anywhere that has a wireless connection.

The prices for this masterclas are advertised on the course landing page. We offer discounted rates for groups of 10 or more people, and further discounts for ADMA members.

The lectures will be held every Tuesday from 12:30pm AEST. 48 hours prior to commencement of the first lecture, you will receive a unique access token to your email provided at registration. Please ensure you check your junk folder and your company firewall restrictions to ensure the email is not blocked. If you miss a session, the lessons are available on demand, after the live lesson is complete.

Immediately following the live sessions, there will be recorded on-demand videos of the sessions available.

The program will be released sequentially at the completion of each week. Following the final session in week 7, the entire course will be available on demand for additional a additional 1 week.

On completion of the course you will be emailed a link to download your ebook.

At the completion of this course you will receive an ADMA Masterclass Digital Badge. Digital badges symbolise your achievements in a way that can be displayed, accessed, verified and shared online.

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