Regulation supports trust

Respect, not spam

Data and technology power today’s knowledge economy.

Data-driven marketing gives us all the opportunity to drive business growth with personalised and timely communications.

The old days of spamming customers to land a sale and calling it ‘marketing’ are long gone.

Data-driven marketers must maintain trust while meeting ever-changing regulatory and compliance requirements that ultimately help improve the quality of marketing efforts.

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As technological change races ahead, governments around the world are moving to regulate the creation, flow and use of its citizens' personal data.

Regulating privacy, data flow and data security is becoming more complex. At the same time, technological change such as the end of third party cookies, increase the challenges for marketing and advertising businesses

ADMA - and its global partner GDMA - are member-driven organisations helping support the data-driven value exchange between a business looking to prosper and individuals looking for better ways to engage, shop and thrive in a mobile-centric world.

Regulation and compliance safeguard the free flow of information not only in Australia, but around the world.

As an organisation, ADMA is committed to keeping all marketers informed of the regulatory state of play both here and overseas. We run education and training programs and advocate for our industry.

We recommend every business invests in legal and compliance advice to meet its particular needs. This regulatory resource is a guide to help data-driven marketers maintain best practice and is no substitute for tailored legal advice.