Welcome to ADMA IQ - Australia's most comprehensive marketing education program. At last, Australia has an education program that meets the needs of the marketing industry and provides you with the skills you need to advance your career.

Marketing, media and analytics are changing…and fast! Data and technology make anything possible – but only if you know how.  IQ will make sure that you have the skills for today and are ready for tomorrow.

  • Courses to let you learn at your own speed.
  • Courses to let you learn where you want.
  • Courses to let you learn at your skill level.

Created for this market, by industry experts, it is the one place where IQ means you are Industry Qualified.

We realise that everyone is different.  So now you can learn in a style that suits you.  Learn from an expert, learn independently, in group or by collaborating.  IQ is designed to meet your needs.

ADMA IQ will provide the resources and partnership to strengthen your industry qualifications allowing you to progress from knowing, to truly understanding.

ADMA IQ have also launched our new FACTS, a comprehensive training framework that enables you to build the marketing team of the future.

To compete in a competitive market, marketing teams need the latest skills and knowledge. Ensuring your teams have those skills not only gives your business the competitive edge, but also the best chance of overall success.  The IQ FACTS program brings your marketing teams up to speed with the latest knowledge, skills and techniques helping you build, retain and attract the best team possible.  

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The pathway to developing the right skills is IQ FACTS:

  • Framework – A means of classifying the skills and capabilities someone should have in order to be qualified for that capability and level. The framework is reviewed regularly to ensure it aligns with current market conditions and needs.
  • Assessment – Individuals can be assessed against the framework via an online tool that highlights what courses they can undertake to bridge identified skills gaps they need to address.
  • Credential – An evidence-based process that produces documented proof of capability followed by an interview with a subject leader. If approved, they are awarded the appropriate credential which is valid for 2 years, after which time they must reapply or seek a higher credential to ensure skills are current and in line with market needs.
  • Training – ADMA has a broad range of courses available that will allow people to attain the skills and evidence to fill gaps in order to apply for a credential. IQ Courses are available to suit all learning formats and styles including online 24/7 learning.  See below for all IQ learning options.  
  • Support – ADMA, through our member benefits, supports our credentialed marketers by ensuring they are kept up to date on the latest trends and best practices.

IQ Courses & Online modules

IQ Courses provide a solid foundation on a specific topic within a short timeframe (few hours, 1 or a couple full days). IQ courses cover a variety of topics, including; analytics, creative, content, data, digital marketing, marketing technology, mobile, privacy & compliance, search marketing and social. Courses are delivered online and in-class, we can also arrange in-house training depending on your needs.

Online modules: Instead of committing to a course, you may prefer to complete an online module that is contained within one. We’ve pulled out our most popular modules and now you can purchase these depending on your specific need.

IQ Certificates

ADMA’s well-recognised certificates are now made up of individual courses. Purchasing a certificate will require you to complete a set series of courses. This means if you complete a course and then decide at a later date that you would like to complete a certificate – your previously completed training is recognised (cost and course work) toward your certificate.

In-class certificates will cover the content of the courses in-class over multiple days/weeks, please check the pages of the individual certificates for specific details on the duration of these.


   Download the IQ course guide

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