ADMA Data Pass

Protect your reputation by protecting your customers’ privacy

Customers buy from brands and companies who respect their privacy. Earning and displaying the ADMA Data Pass Trustmark demonstrates that your company is qualified to handle data securely and appropriately.

Human error is a leading cause of data breach.  Data Pass is the best way to ensure your staff understand and comply with the laws that govern handling of private information, reducing your data risk.

Data Pass

What is Data Pass?

The ADMA Data Pass is a comprehensive series of online training modules which focus on the areas of privacy and compliance in the collection, analysis and use of data in marketing and advertising. The ADMA Data Pass program is an exclusive program for ADMA members only.  Members enjoy a range of valuable benefits - learn more here.

Data Pass is a trust mark that you can use to demonstrate to your customers and business partners that you take privacy very seriously.

Ensure that your business is up to date with its obligations with data. A minimum of 20% of employees who handle data in your organisation need to complete Data Pass to earn the company credential. Easy learning through 9 informative modules. Use the ADMA Data Pass logo to clearly differentiate your business. Have a clear understanding of data collection, handling, privacy and consent issues.

Data Pass

Public awareness and concern about data privacy is at an all-time high, fuelled by all-too frequent and well-publicised incidents of data breaches and misuse of personal data. Yet customers realise that providing their personal information is unavoidable, so they need to trust the brands they deal with. Therefore, your staff needs to know how to collect, manage and use your customers’ data in a privacy-compliant way. But it’s tough when there are so many rules to follow, so Data Pass makes the legislation easy to digest by giving it a practical focus, using real-world examples to explain how to meet your customers’ security needs and your organisation’s legal obligations.

Who should do this course?

All employees that collect, use or otherwise disclose personal information or customer data.This includes all customer-facing staff, marketers, call centres, or any other staff that engage with customers and customer data.

Learn at your own pace
Interactive content
Self assessment

Course Modules

  1. Privacy law overview
  2. Gathering personal information
  3. Using, sharing and disclosing data
  4. Avoiding the spam trap
  5. Telemarketing and postal mail
  6. Digital data and online marketing
  7. Data accuracy and security
  8. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  9. Writing a privacy policy

You will learn to:

  • Apply the key legislation, especially the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), for permission-based marketing.
  • Notify customers and obtain their consent for your intended use of their data when you collect their personal information. 
  • Avoid breaching the Spam Act when sending marketing emails and text messages.
  • Comply with the regulations which apply to marketing using the phone and postal mail.
  • Grasp the complexities of gathering digital website data and social media data.
  • Develop processes and practices to maintain the accuracy and security of your customers' personal information.
  • Decide whether your organisation needs to comply with the GDPR and the key differences with Australian legislation.
  • Be transparent in your privacy practices by writing a comprehensive privacy policy.

How to get started

The first step is to nominate a Data Pass team leader and identify the staff that will participate. Register your interest (submit form below) or contact your ADMA Account Manager. Data Pass is a member benefit and is free (up to $5,000 value) for member organisations.

Register your interest via the form below or contact your ADMA Account Manager.  Nominate a Data Pass team leader and we will work with you to identify the staff that will participate. A minimum of 20% of employees who handle data in your organisation need to complete Data Pass to earn the company credential. Participants learn at their own pace and have 3 months to complete the course.

Data Pass is a member benefit and is free (up to 20 people /$5000 value) for member organisations.

Please fill in your details in the form below and we will contact you by the next business day. Alternatively, call your Account Manager: 02 9277 5400