Career Accelerator Package

  • Digital Marketing
  • Creative
Entry / Job ready

Accelerate your career and learn vital marketing skills essential for every new marketer.

Get the best start to your marketing career. Ensure you have the skills and knowledge to quickly make an impact in your organisation with ADMA IQ’s Career Accelerator Package.

You’ve finished uni and now you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, but how? University provides many of the concepts but you don’t necessarily learn all the vital marketing skills that a junior marketer needs to be really ready to make a difference.

This introductory course will give you the basics of marketing including digital marketing, email marketing, social media and copywriting.

Designed for graduates, interns or those new to marketing, this package enables junior marketers to be successful sooner, by understanding the basic concepts and platforms of their day-to-day jobs and getting the skills they need to become more effective in at their roles.

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C marketer, client-side or agency, accelerate your career and learn the vital marketing skills you need with an ADMA Career Accelerator Package.

Duration: Self-paced online course, up to 6 months to complete

Learn to:

Understand the basics of marketing including foundations of digital marketing, email marketing, social media and copywriting tips, tricks and techniques

What the courses cover:

This package is composed of 4 different online short courses. You can take the courses in any order, however it is recommended to start with the Digital Marketing Foundations course.

Digital Marketing Foundations Online

  • Module 1: Digital Landscape
  • Module 2: Digital Strategy
  • Module 3: Customer Experience
  • Module 4: Content Creation and Planning
  • Module 5: Data Foundation and Planning
  • Module 6: Data Analytics

Social Media Marketing Essentials Online

  • Module 1: The Social Media Landscape
  • Module 2: Campaign Analysis
  • Module 3: Campaign Planning
  • Module 4: Content Creation
  • Module 5: Content Distribution
  • Module 6: Managing Campaigns

Email Marketing Essentials Online

  • Module 1: Email Marketing Overview
  • Module 2: Planning an Email Strategy
  • Module 3: Email Marketing Strategies
  • Module 4: Email Delivery
  • Module 5: Email Content and Design
  • Module 6: Data and Email Management
  • Module 7: Complying With The Spam Act and The Privacy Act
  • Module 8: Measuring Email Performance

Copywriting Essentials Online

  • Module 1: Copywriting Foundations
  • Module 2: Creative with Copy
  • Module 3: Copywriting Techniques
  • Module 4: Writing for Digital

Who should do this career accelerator package course?

  • Marketing/Account executives
  • Digital Marketers starting their careers
  • Marketing/Account Managers and executives
  • Graduates ready to join the marketing industry
  • Ideal for both B2B and B2C marketers
  • Client or agency side
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