Skills Assessment Process

Position Descriptions

In order to start mapping the roles of your participants to the roles defined in our Professional Capability Standards (PCS), we require a copy of the position descriptions that will be assessed.

Participant File

We will send you an Excel document that will be populated with the details of the staff members to be assessed. This includes; Participant Name | Participant title (Position) | Manager's Name | Email

Role Mapping

We will map your roles, based on your position descriptions, to the roles we have defined and add the mapped roles to the Participant File. NB – this is how we "normalise" roles so we can compare like for like, regardless of job title.

Assessment Setup

Once you have approved the role mapping, we will upload the file to our online assessment tool and configure the parameters of the assesssment – such as how long you wish the assessment to be available.

Team Briefing

During the assessment staging, we will work with you to notify your staff as to the nature of the assessment, including provision of the Frequently Asked Questions document that will be supplied to all participants and host a Q&A session.


The assessment will run for the agreed period. We usually recommend a period of 2 weeks, however we can extend this if participants need more time. You will be able to report on participation rates via the online reporting within the assessment tool.

Manager's Assessment

Once an individual has completed their assessment, managers will be able to provide their assessment of that team manager. This provides a point of comparison to identify potential areas where staff have under- or over-estimated their skill levels.

File Reports

We will provide reports that will allow you to look from individual results up to aggregate company findings so that common gaps can be identified that will drive your training & development decisions.