Skills Assessment for Business

Identify skill gaps at your business and grow

Is your business undertaking a digital transformation? If so, you need the skills to set your business up for success. An IQ for Business employee skills assessment is the best way to identify skill gaps at your business, so you can prioritise your training efforts where it will provide the best value.

Make sure you have the right people with the right skillsets to bring your strategies to life. A customised employee skills assessment can identify the skills that businesses currently have – and where they are lacking. At IQ for Business, we’ve developed a framework that can define the skills your team require specific to their roles and responsibilities, determine your business’ current skills level and identify gaps.

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Here's how an Employee Skill Assessment can help:

  • Set your business on the path to success – we’ll identify opportunities for training and underutilised resources
  • Avoid unnecessary spend – we’ll help you target the right training areas, to avoid wasted time in training
  • Staff engagement and retention – our recommendations will help inform staff career plans, to keep them happy, productive and engaged
  • Maximise your internal resources – we’ll identify where peer-to-peer coaching may play a role in your training program
  • Measure your ROI – with repeated assessments

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