In-house Social Media Essentials and Social Media Strategy Best Practice

Course: SMESMS-H
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Drawn from our industry leading social media courses: Social Media Marketing Essentials and Social Media Marketing Strategy, this 1-day intensive course takes students through best practice for planning, data analysis, content creation, social advertising, measurement & analytics, reporting and optimisation for high performance social media strategies.

This course is ideal for cross-functional teams or those within marketing and comms teams looking to upskill. The morning session covers the ‘Essentials’ side of social media with a tour across all the main social channels taking in trends and best practice for each. The afternoon session is hands-on and goes through the Social ROI Framework with in-class exercises including runs throughs of social media listening and social media analytics tools.

This 1-day interactive workshop is designed to help your team understand the essentials of social media and build a high performance social media strategy.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Identifying the social media landscape and looking for opportunities
  • Conducting a social media audit (listening and analytics)
  • Creating a social media strategy document
  • Extracting insights from social media measurement tools
  • Planning, managing and optimising social media campaigns
  • Creating and curating content for optimal social performance
  • Advertising with Facebook Ads Manager on Facebook and Instagram
  • Reporting on performance and communicating ROI to stakeholders

Customisation Options

  • To increase the value and relevance of this course we can create customised content that;
  • Includes case studies drawn from your industry
  • Speaks to the overall capabilities / gaps within the team
  • Aligns to the organisation’s current social media strategy


1 Day

Suggested class size

Max 15 people per class

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