In-house Digital Marketing for Sales Course

Course: DMS-H
  • Digital Marketing

As more and more of the buying journey is done online, sales professionals are needing to become “trusted advisors” in order to help define a client’s challenges or opportunities and recommend a solution that will meet their needs.  As the shift towards greater input by Marketing into purchase decisions, sales teams now need to have a good understanding of how a modern marketing team operates.

This one-day course has been built specifically to help sales professionals, who are required to sell to marketers, enhance their knowledge of the industry in order to be more effective in the field.

This one-day course covers;

  • The Digital Landscape
  • Customer Centricity
  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Channels (Website, email, social and paid media)
  • Media Attribution.

The content has been built specifically for sales professionals who need to understand what challenges are being faced by marketing teams, enabling them to align your company’s products and services.

Customisation Options

  • Include cases studies and examples from your industry or company.
  • Align your products and services to content.
  • Client briefs received included in class discussion.


1 Day

Recommended class size

25 staff (Workshop) to 75 staff (Team event)

In-house Digital Marketing for Sales Course is part of IQ for Business.

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