IQ for Business

Upskill your team with IQ for Business staff training and development

Leveraging technology and data to build your business is easy – if you know how. That’s where we come in. IQ for Business offers the staff training and development you need to ensure your team has the skills to succeed in a digital age.

Investing in upskill learning is more important than ever. We all know it’s important to invest in technology, however if you don’t invest in skills and development to the same degree, your digital transformation project is more likely to fail – research continually shows it.

While you could look to fix a skills shortage with new hires, a lack of highly skilled people in the market makes hiring a challenge. Instead, you can invest, upskill and add value to your team with IQ for Business staff training and development and watch your business grow.

IQ for Business is here to help you and your business grow.

Here's how we help with your staff training and development. We:

  1. Define what skills you need within the team.
  2. Understand what skills you currently have within the team.
  3. Highlight where there are gaps that may impact business strategy.
  4. Provide a tailored learning and development program for your team to address those gaps.
  5. Offer your team access to tools and courses for them to continue their professional skills development.

We offer a Skills Assessment and In-house Training to help you achieve your learning goals. Both are designed to assist companies of all sizes and can be customised to address your specific business needs.

Our team of professionals will work closely with you to make sure your team get the learning outcomes required.

Our IQ for Business Services

  • In-house staff training and development

    • Delivered onsite at your preferred location
    • Tailored courses to suit your business needs
    • Taught by experienced subject matter experts
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  • Skills Assessments for your team

    • Identifies the skills gap in your organisation
    • Recognises the skills most important to you
    • Identify underutilised resources
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  • Support and Advice

    • We are here to help you
    • We work with you to help define your skills gaps
    • Continuous support and reporting
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