In-house Creative Thinking and Leadership in Action

Course: CTLA-H
  • Leadership
  • Creative

63% of all jobs will become soft skill focussed and soft skill roles will grow at 2.5 X than any other jobs. Life expectancy is extending careers which will lead to mast people hopping from one specialism to another even within teams and businesses.

Research shows problem solving, team working. Communication and critical thinking are the key creative leadership skills needed now to succeed.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning is already driving rapid change in the world of marketing and consumer experience. Those who do not have the soft skills to adapt and succeed in this new environment will impact both business and personal capability.

This one-day involving course is designed to equip participants with skills, approaches and self-awareness that will add to their specialist marketing or other professional skills and gain transferable insights into behaviours that develop effectiveness, personal job satisfaction and ability to contribute outside their role.

  • Recognise why Creative leadership skills make a difference and why they are becoming so vital
  • How to build trusted relationships and thinking from their side
  • Working with peers rather than fighting them
  • Collaborating to shape a creative culture
  • Building your own Holistic KPI’s that balance work and home success and satisfaction
  • Nurturing your team to success and resilience
  • Bridging the gap between technology and consumer innovation
  • Using thought leadership marketing as a brand building tool

Customisation Options

To increase the value and relevance of this course we can create customised content that;

  • Case studies and focus can be aligned from your industry or client base
  • Can be delivered for an individual project team or cross functional group to build common people practices and understanding
  • If run for 1.5 days can add practical workshop to explore as a team a real life business problem and different ways to problem solve, collaborate and drive influencing behaviours.


1 Day

Suggest Class size

8-25 People

In-house Creative Thinking and Leadership in Action is part of IQ for Business.

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