09 Nov 2020

  • Digital Marketing

Social media in a socially distant world

Since March 2020, social media has become more important in our lives than ever before. Most of us use it to stay up to date with news and events, connect with family and friends; it’s how we fill up our spare time.  Additionally, lockdowns around the country (and the world) have meant we’ve been scrolling more than ever before.

“We are spending way more time on social. Organic reach is going up and more people are consuming content,” says Tim Hill, co-founder and CEO of social media analytics platform Social Status. “None of the negative press has affected user behaviour – in fact, we’re using it more.”

According GlobalWebIndex research, nearly half (43%) of internet users aged between 16 and 64 spend more time social media than before the pandemic.  TikTok, one the fastest growing platforms in Australia, has seen an impressive 52.4% surge in its user base in the first half of 2020. Dominated by the younger Gen Z and Gen Alphas (over 70%), nearly 2.5million Australians are now using the platform. 

So, how have our behaviours changed across key social channels since the onset of Covid? Let’s take a look.

So what does this all mean for marketers?

These new behaviours across channels open opportunities for brands to better connect with their audiences.

“Social media has become so intertwined in the way we communicate that these new habits will likely stay – making it a very powerful and cost-effective way to reach really targeted people,” Hill says.

But brands also need to shift their behaviour on these platforms to be effective. One thing Hill recommends is using rich media.

“It’s what I tell all marketers in the Social Media course I teach at ADMA - create videos and movement in your posts. Rich media is inherently more engaging from all measures – organic or paid,” he says. “But keep it authentic. Use the tools on your desk. The more you make it look like a TV ad, the less people will believe you.”

The growing popularity of video sharing platforms like TikTok and Triller means brands will increasingly relying on influencers and content creators to be a voice for them.

“Brands need to have more of a collaborative approach to their content marketing. They need to become more like film directors – with a cast of influencers who will be the face of their brands on key social media channels.”

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