04 Aug 2021

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Online retail marketplace giants next in regulator’s line of fire

Australia’s broad ranging Digital Platforms Inquiry - which looks at Google and Facebook’s market power and led to the News Media Bargaining Code furore - is being expanded to online shopping behemoths.

With combined Australian gross sales revenue of more than $10 billion in 2020, eBay Australia, Amazon, Kogan and Catch.com.au will be closely examined, just as Google and Facebook have by the ACCC’s digital platforms unit.

Australia’s four largest electronic marketplaces will be scrutinised for their use of data, pricing practices and the terms and conditions they impose on smaller sellers or re-sellers in their networks.

ADMA, along with the ACCC, is keen to hear opinions and experiences from resellers and consumers to ensure we can effectively advocate on behalf of our members.  The ACCC wants to hear from businesses and consumers before August 19, 2021, and plans to release a report in 2022.

Give the ACCC consumer feedback about online retail giants here

Give the ACCC seller or reseller feedback about online retail giants here.

Contact ADMA to share your opinion on the issues raised so that we can take your view into consideration in drafting any response we may submit here.

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