Help, my data’s swallowing me whole.

It’s an all too common problem, as businesses we’re collecting data at an exponential rate. On the surface extremely useful but in practice creating more problems than it’s solving. Is it just too much to be able to handle? How can we be more efficient and use it more effectively to make the right business decisions?

It’s one of the topics featured in ADMA’s Data Week event coming up in August.

On Day 2 join Mark Ritson, one of the worlds most respected marketing and brand strategists,  who now runs the highly successful Marketing Week Mini MBA and is currently hosting the ADMA WFH Marketing Masterclass

“I’m tired of all the rubbish about data that gets proposed by people that gather it,” says Ritson. “I want to talk about how to use data. How to collect less data. How to make better decisions from data.”

Ritson questioned ADMA’s decision to invite him to speak. “I don’t really work in data generation, I’m not a market research person, I don’t do AI, I just use data to make big marketing and brand decisions. Then again it might make me singularly qualified because I actually use the stuff.”

As an outspoken provocateur, Ritson shares his opinions freely about the misinformation within the marketing industry, bandwagons and jargon. He believes that people are often blinded by the science of it and miss the essence and value of collecting and using the right data.

“I want to talk about how to collect less data and how to make better decisions from data,” he says. “I want to do the opposite of what everyone does in these sessions who generally talk about more and bigger as if it’s better. I want to generate some controversy. I want to piss people off.”

Due to  COVID, ADMA has shifted the 16-year old Data Day to a live, online and on demand experience over 4 days. Participants will take part in an intensive 2-hour session with three keynotes providing inspiration surrounding a topic on data and pragmatic sessions on how to implement data for business success.

ADMA Data Week runs from 17th – 20th August live, online and on demand. Tickets can be purchased at Mark Ritson is the opening keynote speaker on Day 2, where you’ll walk away with hands on examples of how you can integrate data into your day to day operations to drive growth.

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