14 Jul 2021 by Mel Hopkins, ADMA Advisory Committee Member

  • Digital Marketing
  • Data-driven Marketing

Changing Dynamics due to our new Data Landscape

The changing data economy has highlighted the new skills we now need as crucial parts of our team to ensure we bolster internal excellence. Understanding who needs to upskill can often be difficult.

We have been on a business transformation journey for over two years. During this time, we have seen that data driven decisions have had to be at the core of our focus for the skills we are going to need. While it’s not a trade-off between data and traditional marketing, there is a shift in space.

We have learned that we might have an overreliance in agency partners. Agency partners are fundamental to our business, but having an understanding of the key things to ask those partners is crucial. It’s imperative that we don’t just train our teams to ask those questions but also have the stamina to be boardroom ready, able to have hard conversations.

What we do know is that we must have confidence in our own data. The data we collect and save and how we use it. It’s important that each of our team can assess, enquire, and save the data of our customers in the most appropriate way. This is only becoming more apparent with the new regulatory environment that we are facing.

It’s so important that we as marketing professionals understand who owns the data and how we then display the data to the rest of our organisations. Part of that is having team members who can cut and dice the information and are able to then permeate that information to other parts of the business. They need to have the skills to be able to read the different rooms.

One thing we need to make sure of, is that our teams have the ability to not get caught up in the detail. We need them to be able to look at the big picture and have the hutzpah to not only talk about their specialist skill, but how it fits into the broader marketing construct.

I’m very committed to the ADMA Marketing Skills Assessment and giving each of my team members the ability to understand where they are, what they need and where they want to go.


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