18 Aug 2021

  • Digital Marketing
  • Thought leadership

A 1 hour CMO Lunch & Learn held on the 17th of August 2021.

Hear from leading CMOs as they shared their experience, insights and challenges when leading business transformation, plus the wins that were delivered through the strategic development of highly skilled teams. They also shared new insights highlighting the strengths and gaps in the Australian marketing industry, gathered via the ADMA Marketing Skills Assessment, grounded by our industry-leading capability framework.

The industry panel included:

Susan Coghill, Chief Marketing Officer, Tourism Australia
As Tourism Australia’s Chief Marketing Officer, Susan is responsible for driving the organisation’s global marketing strategy, ensuring that Australia’s tourism marketing efforts continue to cut through in the competitive international marketplace.  The recent challenge of pivoting from a global to local focus, whilst simultaneously building a new structure for the data team, revealed capability gaps which required addressing.

Alexander Meyer, Chief Marketing Officer, The Iconic
Currently serving as the CMO for Australia’s leading online fashion, sports, and lifestyle retailer THE ICONIC, Alex and his team focus on how to successfully connect brand and creativity with data-empowered decision-making and Martech excellence. As a global organisation, the challenge is to ensure the local team can compete on the world stage.

David Morgan, Principal, MacMORGAN Next Practice Growth
MacMORGAN is an international marketing consulting group which supports customer driven business growth - through consulting and capability development. David is focused on the drivers of customer growth and how marketers should be central to the commerce of any business.

Lionel Kho, VP, Data Transformation, Merkle
Recent winner of the 2021 IAPA Top 25 Analytics Leaders program, Lionel will share the insights uncovered from the pilot launch of the ADMA Marketing Skills Assessment and Capability Framework tool.

Andrea Martens, CEO, ADMA
Andrea has been at the helm of the ADMA community for the past three years. Andrea is passionate about providing the marketing community with the tools to assess and upskill their teams to propel business transformation.

For more information on the Marketing Skills Assessment and Capability Framework, click below.

ADMA Marketing Skills Assessment

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