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Study Digital Marketing with Industry Experts.

The digital marketing course where you learn all you need to know about digital marketing, straight from the experts.

Want to transform your work and career? Learn how to leverage digital media and marketing technology to drive real results, with ADMA IQ's Digital Marketing Certificate. 

In this digital marketing course, you’ll explore every facet of digital marketing and learn the skills to apply it with confidence. Whether you’re client-side or agency, you’ll complete the course having an in-depth understanding of the digital landscape, where it sits within the broader marketing mix, and what you need to do to achieve your business objectives.

This digital marketing certificate can be completed in one of three ways:

  • Online: self-paced, up to 6 months to complete
  • In-class Intensive: 5 intensive days, 1 day per week over 5 weeks , 9am - 5pm

Upcoming In-class dates:

Start dates for in-class certificate in digital marketing are listed below. Using the drop-down box, please select the location and date corresponding to the course you want to take.

Course dates:

  • Intensive DMC (5 fortnightly sessions, 9am-5pm):

    Session 1: 21 April
    Session 2: 5 May
    Session 3:  19 May 
    Session 4: 2 June
    Session 5: 16 June 

Learn to:

  • Leverage the power of digital marketing and apply it to your business objectives
  • Understand the broader digital landscape and strategic planning, as well as how to directly apply that knowledge through campaign planning and management and all the do’s and don’ts of compliance
  • Assess and apply the different digital channels to solve your business problems

You’ll not only receive the practical knowledge from leading experts, but you’ll obtain an industry-recognised digital marketing certification from ADMA IQ for your CV.

What the Digital Marketing Certificate course covers:

Your in-class course covers:

  • Hands-on guidance from some of the industry’s leading experts
  • How to utilise digital marketing for your specific business objectives
  • A broader understanding of the digital landscape and strategic planning, as well as deep-dives into campaign planning and management.
  • Real-world training in how to assess and apply the different digital channels to solve your business problems

In-class content:

  • Module 1: Digital landscape and strategic framework
  • Module 2: Audience targeting and journey mapping 
  • Module 3: Content planning and personalisation
  • Module 4: Channels: Paid media, SEM and SEO
  • Module 5: Channels: Social media, influencers and email marketing
  • Module 6: Platforms: Landing pages, websites and mobile 
  • Module 7: Implementation: Data and marketing automation technology
  • Module 8: Measurement: Tracking and Google analytics
  • Module 9: Optimsation: CRO, testing and conversion models
  • Final Week: Student Surgeries: Peer to peer assessment review


Your online marketing certification covers:

Alternatively, you can cover the content of this integrated marketing course online, broken down into the following online courses and modules:

Course 1: Digital Marketing Foundations

  • Module 1 - Digital landscape
  • Module 2 - Digital strategy
  • Module 3 - Understanding customers
  • Module 4 - Content marketing
  • Module 5 - Data foundation and planning

Course 2: Digital Marketing Channels

  • Module 1 - Websites
  • Module 2 - SEO
  • Module 3 - Mobile marketing
  • Module 4 - Email marketing
  • Module 5 - Digital marketing compliance
  • Module 6 - Social media marketing
  • Module 7 - Digital paid advertising

Course 3: Digital Marketing Campaign Planning & Management

  • Module 1 - Digital marketing management
  • Module 2 - Campaign planning
  • Module 3 - Conversion and optimisation

Course 4: Privacy and Marketing Compliance

  • Module 1 - Content of marketing and advertising
  • Module 2 - Data privacy
  • Module 3 - General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Who should do this digital marketing course?

  • Marketers who have some experience in digital but want to feel more confident in applying it to their business goals
  • Digital marketers who may have only one perspective of digital, or who are a specialist in one area of digital, and want to broaden their skill base
  • Marketing and advertising professionals who are new to the digital world and are keen to learn how to leverage digital across a broad spectrum of channels
  • Small and medium-sized businesses who want to learn more about how digital can help grow their business
  • Sales people seeking an understanding of how marketing works

Hear what our past students say about this course

Tracey Hamilton's Digital Marketing Certificate testimonial

Tracey Hamilton, MyHouse

I found the course the most practical I have ever completed. I was able to integrate learnings weekly into the MyHouse business. This ranged from improving UX on website to retargeting and Adwords.

Mark Sommer's Digital Marketing Certificate (intensive) testimonial

Mark Sommer, ITW Residential

I now have a solid understanding of Digital Marketing principles

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