Campaign: Hands Off Our Ambos

Client: SA Health

Agency: Showpony Advertising


Most Effective Use of Content
Social Media Campaign

Highly Commended: 

Judges' Comments

"Changed the social issue."

"Social was a perfect platform for engagement rate and started a community/social discussion."


The campaign objectives for this first phase were tight and not linked to an immediate sales effect:

  • Raise public awareness of verbal and physical assaults against South Australian ambulance officers
  • Decrease the incidents of reported assaults against ambulance officers by 2%
  • Ensure ambulance officers feel supported by the community

Creative Solution

"Hands off our Ambos" is a viral film that dominated Adelaide's Facebook feeds over three days with 800,000 views. Showpony paired real paramedics with actors in an unscripted "reality advertisement", using the vertical format of an iPhone 4 to blur the lines between documenting and constructing. It worked immediately.

By filming a staged incident on an iPhone in a vertical format, Showpony replicated the feel of shared footage of abuse on public transport, knowing it would generate outrage and comments of support for Ambos.


  • Shared 15,000 times
  • Generated 800,000 mostly local views (Adelaide's population is only 1.5 million)
  • Raised awareness - 2.3 million reach
  • Raised support for paramedics - 15,000 comments and 40,000 likes
  • Initiated behavioural change - 42% reduction in incidents


Agency team

Lee Tregloan
Parris Mesidis
Greg Kavanagh
Jonathan Pagano
Amy Marshall
Nicola Tate
Sam Wark

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