Turn data into your business advantage
Data Week Aug 17- 20
4 days. 2 hours per day.

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Turn data into your business advantage.

Be inspired by global best-practice, learn from leading edge data practitioners and take away pragmatic steps you can action immediately to drive revenue and create greater efficiencies.

  • 4 days: Monday 17 - Thursday 20 August
  • 2-hour intensive daily sessions from 11:30am - 1:30pm
  • Leading global and local data experts
  • Industry-leading data conference now in its 16th year

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Event Schedule

Launching on Monday 17th August, this 4-day programme will discuss the following topics.

  1. Managing a Black Swan Event using data

    Described by Forbes Asia as one of the smartest people on the planet, Dr Richard Hames is a futurist who deals in facts through data. By using a combination of AI to scan information around the world and a verification process with 3,000 trusted analysts, Dr Hames has managed to predict 9/11, the Trump presidency, the GFC and many other world-wide events. His topic for Data Week is how to use data to avert crises such as the one we’re in BEFORE they happen by listening to the information that’s already out there.

    With 25 years’ experience in data, Dr Ian Oppermann is one of Australia’s pre-eminent thought leaders on the Digital Economy. He’ll give his inside perspective on the government’s handling of Covid-19, how data has played an enormous part in creating policy and where we’re headed post Covid.

  2. From Data to Strategy

    Mark Ritson is former professor of marketing of 25 years with the London and Melbourne Business Schools and RMT. He now runs one of the preeminent online marketing programs, the Marketing Week Mini MBA. He’s provocative and outspoken lending another dimension to how he uses data every day to arrive at successful marketing and business strategies.

    Jo Boundy is responsible for the overarching marketing and brand strategy for Qantas Loyalty, including Qantas Frequent Flyer, Qantas Business Rewards and nine other Loyalty brands. She has more than 15 years’ global experience leading digital, communication, marketing and entertainment strategies for large organisations.

    Susan Coghill, Chief Marketing Officer at Tourism Australia is a true believer in the power of creativity to build brands, drive business, and shape culture. She has over 20 years experience making it happen with teams and clients of all shapes and sizes.

    Panel discussion: How data is helping Australia navigate the travel industry. One of the hardest hit industries through COVID-19 and the numbers are scary. With international travellers spending $45 billion annually, that figure has shrivelled to almost nothing. Our panel will discuss the impact to our economy and how data is helping to predict the scenarios that will assist the industry’s recovery.
    Panel members include:
    Susan Coghill, CMO, Tourism Australia
    Jo Boundy, CMO, Qantas

  3. Telling business stories with data visualisation

    Author, designer, former journalist. David McCandless created and runs one of the most unique Data Visualisation companies out of London. His philosophy is data is useless unless people can easily and simply understand it. His topic is how to help audiences within and without an organisation understand the power of data in their day to day lives.

    Panel discussion: Empowering people to see data: How to make data useful for real people. Data visualisation is a tool that can help clear a path through this confusion. This session will focus on practical examples of where data visualisation has helped make the complex, accessible.
    Panel members include:
    Matthew Riccio, VP of Research, Insights, & Measurement at Thrive
    Gazal Kapoor, ADMA Head Lecturer, Data Visualisation
    Fi Gordon, Global Director BI Strategy, JLL

  4. Preparing for an AI / Automation future

    Dr Jordan Nguyen is a documentary maker and futurist trying to save the planet. His specialty is using AI and data to map the outcomes of our present-day actions to help guide us into better practices and ways of life. He’ll share his view of the world through case studies he’s been involved in, show how AI has paved the way for change, and how getting it right, asking the right questions and feeding in the right data is an imperative.

    Kate Carruthers is Chief Data & Insights Officer for UNSW Sydney, and is also an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in the School of Computer Science & Engineering. She is a Certified Information Security Manager and is currently undertaking postgraduate studies in cybersecurity.

    In Joanne Masters, Chief Economist Ernst & Young, keynote she will speak on the topic of what does Australia’s recovery from Covid-19 look like and where are we headed. She will cover the shape of the recovery profile, what factors drive the economic outlook, what challenges do we have, what structural changes are we facing, and the underlying factors that leave us positive about Australia’s long term economic prospects.



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The live event runs from Monday 17 August to Thursday 20 August. On-demand recordings will be available immediately after the live session has finished and will be available for up to three months.

Data Week runs for 4 days. Each day there will be a 2 hour intensive session between 11:30am and 1:30pm with 3 leading-edge data practitioners from here and around the world.

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Immediately following the live sessions, there will be a recorded on-demand video available to you for 1 week if you have purchased the 'live only' event. If you have opted for the 'on-demand' event it will be available to you for 3 months.

Unfortunately you will need to be on the live site to interact in the Q&A session.

If you have purchased a 'live only' ticket you will have access to the video for 1 week. If you have purchased a live and/or on-demand ticket you will have access for three months.

ADMA started our on-demand channel at Data Week in 2019. Again we are bringing it back.

What does this mean? It allows anyone who purchases a Ticket + On-Demand has the capability to come back for three months to review the topics and download the videos. You can then use these to share with team members or just refresh your own memory.

It provides flexibility if you can't see a session live. The cost is only an additional $60 that can be added to your ticket price at checkout. At the end of Data Week you will be provided with access to the on-demand platform.

Data Week is open to everyone. It is available to ADMA members and non-members alike.

Standard price tickets are $375 inc GST for ADMA members and $485 inc GST for non-members.

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Virtual Exhibition

Take what you learned in the session and explore the tools, approaches and technologies that help to activate your data advantage. We’ve brought the best in class options together as part of the Data Week virtual experience so you can preview or dive into activating your data advantage immediately.


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