The marketing skills of the future. How to you compare?

29 Jan 2019

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In May last year, ADMA, Marketo, and Which-50 joined forces for Marketing 2025, the most comprehensive study of how the priorities, capabilities, KPIs and technology needs of marketers will change in the years ahead. 700 senior executives were asked to imagine the future. In particular, they were asked what the world of marketing would look like in the year 2025 and how it compared to the job marketers do today.

The results? The day-to-day work marketers take on every day is destined to change dramatically.

A marketer today may not recognise the marketing team of tomorrow

Artificial intelligence and data analytics will be the key tech drivers and there will be a strong focus on neuromarketing, which barely exists today.

There will be much less focus on tasks relating to email marketing or social media. Rather, they are precisely the kinds of tasks where machines are expected to make better decisions than people make today.

Get equipped for an industry about to transform

While areas of expertise such as social media, content and digital marketing will still take up a high percentage and hold relevance in the 2025 skill set, below are the top 10 skills predicted to see the biggest increase in change. The common thread is that they are all driven by tech.

How do your current marketing skills stack up to the skills of tomorrow?
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