Tech Guide: Integrated Commerce

Before, during and after the transaction

06 Jun 2018

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Technology solutions offer a wide ranges of benefits, specialisations and capabilities that may or may not integrate between providers and systems and can quickly become outdated.

The rapid evolution of marketing technology has led to a proliferation of tech solutions and an often dizzying and confusing array of products for the digital novice and expert alike. Technology solutions offer a wide ranges of benefits, specialisations and capabilities, may or may not integrate work providers and system and can quickly become outdated.

To help demystify technology solutions in specific product areas our sister association, Digital + Technology Collective, is pleased to present this series of deep dive buyers Tech Guides. Each guide details where multiple vendors fit into the tech stack, putting solutions into context within the market and providing customer case studies and commentary.

Integrated Commerce: Before, during and after the transaction

Because more than 30% of consumers shop online at least once a week, once they arrive at an ecommerce platform, it’s critical to keep them engaged, with meaningful and action-driven experiences. Being able to leverage marketing automation features that extend through your website to a digital commerce platform, enables seamlessly creating experiences for scenarios such as abandoned carts, upcoming product notifications, or restocking of previously viewed out-of-stock items.

Regardless of whether customers are shopping on their smartphones at midnight or walking through the door at a new store opening, consumers expect a consistent and enjoyable experience. As shoppers move through the conversion funnel from acquisition, engagement, purchase, and advocacy, you need to be able to unify the entire shopping experience to effectively deliver a seamless journey for each individual customer.

Digital + Technology Collective’s new Integrated Commerce Tech Guide is designed to provide clarity for anyone currently surveying the ecommerce solutions market. It examines the common core components of ecommerce solutions and their benefits, and provides information on many of the key providers, including their market positioning and comparative strengths.

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