Global Forum Speaker Spotlight: Danielle Di-Masi

Fostering a marketing mindset for the new world

As we begin a new decade, the days of tech know-how being a nice-to-have are firmly in the rearview mirror. If they don’t already, marketers need to develop a tech-ready mindset and fast.

Marketing expert Danielle Di-Masi says: “Marketers need to be technologists. They have to be. You can’t be a marketer and not understand tech anymore.”

And Di-Masi, a speaker at the upcoming ADMA Global Forum, would know. She specialises in digital communications and marketing with a specific focus on the psychology and sciences behind how we connect and build relationships in today’s digital world. She has worked with brands including Google, 3M, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, American Express, Uber, Mastercard, Cisco and Microsoft and spends a large portion of her time in Silicon Valley where her digital smarts are called on by brands, startups and government organisations.

Her own digital mindset has been recognised with awards including Most Innovative Communications Professional of the Year in 2019, 2018 and 2016 but you may know her best from her TED Talk, ‘The Choice of Online Kindness’.

In the talk, Di-Masi explores the rise of negative and hateful sentiment on social platforms. Inspired by her work with TV networks and reality TV programs, magnets for negative online commentary, Di-Masi wanted to test the hypothesis that people can choose to be kind rather than nasty.

She says: “I’m always on the platforms and I was constantly seeing people being a lot meaner.”
The trend highlights one of the challenges brands face when embracing all things digital but Di-Masi sees this as an opportunity.

“People don’t want to be sold to anymore. They want a more personalised approach,” she says pointing to the rise of social media-based influencers. Through these networks, brands can tap into communities and help to lead a more positive conversation. This is a role Di-Masi says marketers are best placed to take on.

“I love working with marketers. They have the greatest opportunity to shape our society and because they shape society, it’s important to have good ones out there. The stories they tell are more powerful than people give them credit for,” she says.

Which brings us firmly back to the mindset marketers need to cultivate in this changing world. At the heart of it is communication. Di-Masi says: “Communication is the whole job.”
And this applies not only to communicating with consumers but also with CEOs and other members of the C-suite to get them on board with this future-focused mindset.

“There’s still power in brands and by communicating in a good way, marketers can do great things,” she says.

Danielle Di-Masi will be speaking at the ADMA Global Forum in March. Find out more and purchase your tickets here.

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