26 Nov 2021

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Marketers lack important data and MarTech skills

Data and technology have been driving the transformation of business – and life – for the better part of the last decade. Marketers are at the epicentre of making sense of it all, leveraging both to generate actionable insights and boost growth.

They are responsible for anticipating customer needs and developing new engagement strategies in a responsive way. And with COVID causing a huge shift in customer behaviour, a marketer’s role has never been more important – or challenging.

One of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s armoury is data. Data is the link between brand and customer; it’s critical for marketers to understand, analyse and manage data and know how to use the right systems to better engage with customers.

Earlier in 2021, Association for Data-driven Marketing & Advertising surveyed Australian marketers using the ADMA Marketing Skills Assessment tool to learn whether they have the right skills and capabilities to be successful in a challenging and fast-paced environment.

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Junior-mid marketers are communicators, not data specialists

Junior-mid marketers are well versed in account management, business development, communications, and consumer insights. But less than half have any data and analytic experience.

Early career marketers are also capable brand developers, however their lack of focus on segmentation leaves them with a clear capability gap in data planning.

Junior-mid marketers need to upskill in this area to become more effective in their roles in the future.

Marketing Skills Assessment - Areas of Direct Experience
Marketing Skills Assessment - Areas of Direct Experience

Generalist senior marketers need to grow their data skills

Like their junior-mid colleagues, senior marketers lack data and analytic experience, with just over half noting direct experience in these areas.

Although most have expert knowledge in segmentation, when it comes to data management and planning skills, experience levels are low. Less than 30% of senior marketers have data management and planning expertise and just over half have analytics and optimisation skills.

Higher income doesn’t guarantee higher skill levels in data. More than 50% of senior marketers earning over $150,000 rated a low level of knowledge in data management, planning, and marketing technology.

Marketing Skills Assessment - Senior to executive marketers in-market & targeting skills
Marketing Skills Assessment - Senior to executive marketers in-market & targeting skills

These emerging skills present key development opportunities for marketing leaders.

Read the Marketing Skills Assessment Report

MarTech skills are rare, but in demand

With a broad range of skills, senior marketers are very capable generalists . However, like in data management, executives lack skills in Martech – along with junior-mid marketers.

As these specialist skills are rare, they attract premium salaries. More than 60% of respondents with MarTech skills earn over $150,000.

In the digital ecosystem, data and MarTech are becoming increasingly important skills for marketers. Marketing practitioners at all levels need to upskill in these areas to be effective in their roles now and in the future.

ADMA Marketing Skills Assessment tool

The skills marketers need to be successful are constantly evolving. The ADMA Marketing Skills Assessment can provide a real-world blueprint to develop capability and give you and your team the skills you need to generate actionable insights and engage customers now – and in the future.

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