17 Nov 2021 by Nadia Cameron. Originally published in CMO 10 November 2021

  • Data Compliance and Privacy
  • Privacy and Compliance

Explainer: What marketers need to know about the proposed privacy law changes

A complete rethink of personal information, changes to how organisations collect, disclose and use consumer data, stronger online privacy protections and higher penalties for non-compliance are some of the transformative changes Australia’s new privacy law proposals could present marketers.

Over recent weeks, two significant pieces of legislative work around Australia’s privacy landscape landed on desks: The Online Privacy Bill Exposure Draft; and the even more widely impactful Privacy Act Review Discussion Paper.

CMO sat down with IAB Australia director of policy and regulatory affairs, Sara Waladan, and CEO, Gai Le Roy, as well as ADMA’s regulatory affairs chief, Sarla Fernando, to gather first impressions.

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