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05 Jun 2019

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According to recent ADMA research, Customer Journey Management is a skill that Australian marketers just aren’t getting enough exposure to.

In fact, recent ADMA research reveals half (53%) of marketers don’t feel they have had the necessary training required by their roles. An alarming statistic. Skills in customer journey mapping was one of the main gaps identified within most marketing teams.

ADMA CEO Andrea Martens revealed, “There is a huge desire from the marketing community to continue to develop these skills. With this knowledge, marketers can have the ability to transform the way they go to market with smarter and more tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed customer experience expectations.”

A customer journey map is a visual of your customers experience at every touchpoint. It helps to tell the story of a customer's experience with your brand.

The best way to get on top of your brand’s customer journey is to take a day out of the office and learn from an expert in the field.

ADMA IQ is now kicking off Customer Journey Mapping courses around the country. Now is the time take action, get the skills you need, and take control of your brand’s customer experience.

Here is what some of our recent IQ Customer Journey Mapping students had to say about this essential CX-related course:

  • I highly recommend the Customer Journey Mapping course with Mike. This course allowed us to take an outside-in perspective on our organisation and really dive deep in how our customers see and experience us as a brand. The content was really relevant and useful across the marketing team with great insights and case study inspirations. ~ Brittany, BPAY Group
  • The customer journey mapping course was incredible and helped me solidify the importance of the shift from a session based experience to a customer focused experience. ~ Amir, Alpha Digital
  • Great course to learn how to visualize what goes into mapping a customer journey. If you learn better in a hands-on environment, this is a great course. ~ Sarah, Total Tools
  • ADMA IQ's customer journey mapping course offered a valuable, interesting and rewarding experience, with the opportunity to learn with like-minded people in an inviting environment. Mike shared a wealth of information and made it easy to understand the basics, while providing us with the right tools and demonstrating how our newfound knowledge could be easily implemented in our day to day work life. ~ Erin, Tourism Australia
  • Great course! As well as the deep dive into Customer Journey Mapping, the course also provided a holistic overview of data-driven marketing and the value journey mapping can provide at all stages - from objective setting, creative and all the way through to results tracking. ~ Emma, MercerBell
  • This course was a fantastic opportunity to refresh and reconsider focussing on customers and their needs rather than business objectives and business/customer touchpoints. ~ Helen, Australia Post
  • This course is great for marketers who are creating customer journeys for marketing automation and provided the knowledge we need to do this. ~ Tahlia, VenuesWest
  • With a background in events, the customer journey mapping course was beneficial to me in that it provided a clear understand of the importance of customer segmentation. I will use the knowledge gained from this course and apply this to our marketing strategy for our upcoming carnival. ~ Demi, Perth Racing

The customer journey mapping course is your pathway to putting your customer at the heart of your business and truly understand the customer needs to meet your business goals.

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