Acronym wars: AI vs ML vs DL

16 Jan 2018

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Marketing is riddled with acronyms, buzzwords and industry jargon, but what do they really mean? 

We are familiar with artificial intelligence (AI), but do most of us know what machine learning (ML) is? How about deep learning (DL)? Are you familiar with the difference between all three?

We caught up with Mark Torrance, former CTO at RocketFuel, to find out!

Here's an edited version of the transcript, if you'd prefer to read.

"Lots of people wonder about this: AI versus machine learning versus deep learning.

Artificial intelligence is really the broad umbrella term for attempting to make computers be able to simulate the kinds of things that humans can do, like playing chess or driving a car and be able to solve those problems ultimately better and faster than people can.

One of the techniques within that umbrella of AI is machine learning. Machine learning is the approach of letting a computer not just be programmed to be smart at something, but actually expecting it to learn from its environment and improve its performance over time.

Machine learning has become such a successful technique that it has really dwarfed the field of AI, so a lot of people think of machine learning and AI as synonymous these days.

Deep learning is a particular technique that's fairly new (last few years) and it's a kind of machine learning that uses neural networks, but ones that are much larger and deeper, more layers than we ever tried before. This has been enabled by faster computers and the ability to use vector processing from graphics processing units (GPUs) to apply to problems of machine learning so we can solve bigger and more complicated problems than we ever used to be able to."

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