Tom Goodwin 
  SVP Strategy and Innovation 
  Havas Media

Tom Goodwin

SVP Strategy and Innovation

Havas Media

  Havas Media
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“On the one hand things have never changed so fast before, on the other, things will never change so slowly again. This is the most exciting time to be alive and to work at the center of new technologies and profound new opportunities is inspirational”

Speaking at ADMA Global Forum 2016

I'm lucky, it's my job at Havas to be interesting and provoke debate and change how we work.

My job is to think, speak, write and make the newly possible happen. My focus is the intersection of marketing, technology and business. What technologies change behavior, what threats and opportunities this creates.

I don't know all the answers, but I've great questions and I like to bring together curious, smart, demanding people to get to a better place.


  • The guy that wrote the "Uber, Facebook, Airbnb, Alibaba, something interesting is happening quote"
  • A top 10 voice in Marketing by LinkedIn
  • One of 30 people to follow on Twitter by Business Insider
  • Quite impatient but very optimistic.
  • Without a great attention span.

I believe the advent of electricity didn't change businesses overnight, it took nearly 20 years for people to understand that it wasn't a question of embellishing the existing, but using a blank sheet of paper to rebuild business and working processes from scratch. The 20 year interim period saw success, but only in retrospect was it obvious what incredible opportunities had been missed, the oversight and misdirection seemed embarrassing. We're at the same point with the Digital Age. We need to embrace it from the core.

  • In the last year I've spoken at events in China, Germany, India, Australia, Turkey, Spain, USA and UK
  • Quoted in the New York Times,Times, The Economist, WSJ.
  • I have columns for the The Guardian, TechCrunch and Forbes, and sometimes for Ad Age, Inc, Ad Week, Wharton, Media Post, World Economic Forum, Wired, GQ, The Drum, Campaign.
  • Presenter for the ANA , ISBA and AAAA
  • I'm on a few industry boards.

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