Planning a Content Strategy (online module)

Module: MOPCS
  • Content
Intermediate / Practitioner

Learn to set business objectives, use customer data to understand the market, and use content pillars to create a brand story.

Learn to:

  • Identify business and communication objectives
  • Use data to understand an audience
  • Examine the marketplace
  • Define the key aspects of a brand story, and apply to own
  • Use content pillars and themes in the creation of a brand story

Module covers:

  • Business and communication objectives setting
  • Understand the audience
  • Research the audience
  • Examine the marketplace
  • Find and establish a brand story
  • Content pillars, themes and models

Planning a content strategy module is part of the Content Marketing Strategy course:

Consumers prefer to be engaged with a brand via a story or conversation, so the power of content is immeasurable. We explore how consumer behaviour fuels this power and how you can develop your content marketing strategy to be just as powerful. Plus, learn how to properly measure its effectiveness. This online course includes the following modules:

  • Module 1: Content Marketing Overview
  • Module 2: Planning a Content Strategy
  • Module 3: Mapping Content to Audience
  • Module 4: Content Creation and Production
  • Module 5: Content Distribution
  • Module 6: Measuring Content Marketing

Who should do this module?

  • Digital Marketing Specialists / Consultants – that want to increase broaden their knowledge of, or specialise in content marketing.
  • Product / Brand / Digital / Marketing Managers – that have a solid experience in integrated marketing campaigns but need to understand content lead marketing strategies.  
  • Marketing Directors – that need to include content strategy in their overall communications planning.

Advertising Agency

  • Agency side marketers – at all levels that need to understand the role content plays in marketing communications.


  • Media Planners – that need to have a comprehensive understanding of content marketing at a strategic level.
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