File a Complaint

How to Lodge a Complaint:

Consumers who have been unable to resolve an issue directly with an ADMA member should register a complaint and forward their details to ADMA.

The steps in making a complaint are easy and assistance is available to ensure that it is heard and dealt with in the appropriate manner. The steps are;

  1. Attempt to resolve the issue at source.
  2. Record the details of your original complaint and keep them safe.
  3. If no resolution is found, refer to the Complaint Checklist below.
  4. Contact ADMA to begin the process.

Your initial step is to discuss your issue with ADMA’s Code Compliance officer, who will attempt to resolve it with and on your behalf. Should this prove unsuccessful, the complaint will be escalated to the Code Authority.

Complaints can be lodged by email, phone, fax or post. Please include copies (not originals) of all relevant supporting documentation.


Complaint Checklist:

Prior to commencing the complaint process, please consult this checklist to ensure that you have all of the relevant information.

Attempt to resolve the issue at source
Record the details of your original complaint and keep them safe
Let the Respondent know of your complaint, ask if they can assist and give them the opportunity to resolve it
You should record their details and take notes of what was discussed
Always try to remain calm and polite. A positive approach is more likely to get you the outcome you want

Should no resolution be found, you can make a complaint to the Code Authority by email

The Code Compliance officer will respond and work with you to resolve your complaint


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