ADMA Data Pass

Data-proof your future

The handling, understanding and use of data are vital to the future success of any business, whether you are an agency, service provider or client. In fact, it has never been more important for those working with data to have a clear understanding of collection, handling, privacy and consent requirements.  To ensure that your business is at the forefront of its obligations with data, ADMA has launched its industry training program called the ADMA Data Pass.

How to get involved

The first step is to nominate a Data Pass team leader and identify the staff that will participate. It's that easy.

Contact Krystina Elsom, General Manager of Education Partnerships
t: +61 2 9277 5400

How it works

The ADMA Data Pass is a comprehensive series of online training modules that focus on the areas of privacy and compliance in the collection, analysis and use of data in marketing and advertising. And, the ADMA Data Pass program is an exclusive program for ADMA members.

  • Ensure that your business is up to date with its obligations with data.
  • Easy learning through nine 45 minute online modules.
  • Have a clear understanding of data collection, handling, privacy and consent issues.
  • Use the ADMA Data Pass logo to clearly differentiate your business.

Accurate. Informed. Compliant.

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About the modules

Essentially a number of your staff need to complete a series of online modules which have been designed to ensure that your business is fully aware of its data obligations, as well as including elective modules to give your business the data edge.

At the completion of the training program, successful participating businesses will be recognised through the ADMA Data Pass.  The Data Pass logo will provide a clear differentiation for your business, indicating that your staff have achieved a deeper level of knowledge and understanding in the use of data and its associated compliance requirements.

The program is made up of seven compulsory and two elective modules.

Compulsory modules to be completed

  • The fundamentals for marketers and advertisers
  • The regulatory framework
  • Collecting engaged data
  • Using personal data for marketing and advertising
  • Avoiding the spam trap
  • Marketing with data accuracy
  • Marketing with data security

Elective modules (each person participating will need to complete two)

  • Online, social and mobile
  • Mail and voice
  • Writing a privacy policy
  • Creating a single customer view
  • Understanding big data

Each module and exam will only take 45 mins to complete online. All staff participating in the program must complete the modules within the same 90 day timeframe. To remain current, staff must participate annually.

Please note, your company will need to be an ADMA member at the time of registration. If your organisation is not an ADMA Member Company, you can find out about ADMA Corporate Membership online.



Krystina Elsom +61 2 9277 5400