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17 Apr 2019

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In May 2019 ADMA IQ will launch a new-look marketing training curriculum – leveraging global thought leadership and best practice to ensure that Australian marketers are well equipped to thrive in the tech revolution.

This is a necessary move by ADMA to establish ADMA IQ as the rite of passage for all Australian marketers. 

The new curriculum is a pro-active call-to-arms and an urgent requirement in the wake of startling results that came out of research conducted by ADMA at the end of 2018. Research pointed to an unprecedented skills gap created by advances in marketing and advertising technology. This evolving technological landscape is creating new-look marketers who are being challenged to upskill or face the very real likelihood of being left behind.

A few months into 2019, and we can see the data and tech environment is gaining momentum with marketers and their organisations struggling to stay ahead of the knowledge curve.

A recent interview with CMO Magazine, shared ADMA CEO Andrea Martens’ vision for the future of ADMA IQ. She expressed that “For a lot of CMOs, they need a place where they can get their team upskilled in areas they may not necessarily be as familiar with themselves, and to make sure they stay ahead of the market,” she said. 

With this vision in mind, Andrea and the team at ADMA have leveraged ADMA’s position within the global Direct Marketing Association (DMA) network to harness more education resources and set up a partnership with the UK-based Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM), to bring its content to Australia for ADMA members.

“This means a complete refresh of our curriculum, online and face-to-face,” Martens said. “But it does also need the Australian component.

With 10 new courses and eight revamped, this refresh will ensure that ADMA IQ is delivering best-in-class course content. As marketing evolves, we will evolve.

Stay tuned for more updates relating to the new-look ADMA IQ course curriculum in the coming weeks!

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