ABC's Head of Audience Data & Insights talks driving engagement with AI

27 May 2019

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The Australian Broadcasting Association (ABC) is a heritage brand, originating in 1932 as a single radio service in Melbourne to become in current day a multi-platform with four TV channels, radio stations across Australia and an array of digital assets.

The ABC has one main remit – to reach all Australians. And this is done collectively with a team of Data Scientists, Data Solutions, Data Engineers, Insights Analysts, Insights Engineers, Insights Managers and Business Managers collectively pulling together to help the organisation fulfil its objective. Alicia Olson-Keating, is the Head of Audience Data & Insights at ABC and is tasked daily with leading this ambitious team of data-driven experts.

Alicia has worked in the media for 30 years, 28 of which were spent in Canada. Alicia has strong industry experience in disciplines that span strategy, B2B marketing, qualitative and quantitative research, data, analytics and insights. She is highly skilled in using data and insights to drive better outcomes for the organisations she works with, and she has a flair for leading and developing teams who hold a high bar and inspire a results-driven culture.

At ADMA Data Day 2019, Alicia provided her expert insight into the current state of the media industry from a technology and impact on media consumption perspective. Her presentation shared four key themed case studies to demonstrate the work ABC are doing to better understand and deliver to their audiences across the nation. In particular, how the application of machine learning was utilised to drive better engagement and how insights from data are being applied to encourage future thinking across the team.

Alicia revealed the timeline of the impact of technology on changing the evolution of communication channels spanning from 1800’s, which has increased the competition of eyeballs and ears in the fragmented market place.

In one of the case studies ‘Predictions of Patterns,’ Alicia shared 10 years of linier television audience data. Given that ABC share content on both Television and iview – ABC’s video On-Demand platform, the data and insights team are required to straddle two worlds. Alicia had a depth of insight to share around the viewing patterns of TV vs Video On-Demand and which content provides better engagement on either of the mediums.

By utilising an AI TV scheduling tool Alicia explained that and her team are able to make predictions on what genre of TV show on the ABC has the ability to combat a competing Genre by another broadcaster. This TV scheduling tool provides ABC with the intelligence to schedule in a way that provides the most effective result – which in turn provides peace of mind that the government funded organisation is maximising the return on their content.

Alicia’s keynote at ADMA Data Day unpacks insight into what is happening in the media industry from ABC’s perspective.

If you missed ADMA Data Day, and would like to hear all four of Alicia’s case studies, you can access her keynote on Data Day On-Demand

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