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  • Digital Marketing
Entry / Job ready

Want to increase your expertise and knowledge in the digital marketing space?

Discover the industry’s tips and tricks for successfully incorporating digital channels into your campaigns with ADMA's digital marketing courses.

In this two-day intensive course, you’ll get a deep introduction to digital marketing, explore the foundations of each digital channel, how they work and how they can fit together to deliver on your marketing objectives. We’ll also look at digital tactics, strategies and processes and how you can tie them all together in an effective way.

Digital Marketing Essentials offers an introduction to digital marketing and is one of our most popular courses! View all of our Digital Marketing courses here.

Duration:  2 consecutive days

Learn to:

  • Understand the value of analytics and how to understand a Google Analytics report to create insights
  • Identify the appropriate online media to achieve your objectives
  • Incorporate social media and content as singular parts of your marketing strategy
  • Buy Facebook media and understand the targeting options available
  • Create gorgeous content using free tools
  • Understand SEO and how to manage it
  • Harness the power of paid and organic search
  • Craft and manage email marketing that is Spam compliant
  • Understand mobile and its impact on the digital landscape
  • Overall, learn online marketing

Course covers:

Through presentation, discussion and practical approaches, we’ll cover:

  • An overview of the digital landscape, including trends in online customer behaviour
  • The role of content and data in digital marketing
  • The channel options within paid media
  • The development and usability of websites
  • Establishing and managing SEO best practice
  • Email marketing and databases
  • New technology and tactics, specifically within mobile marketing and emerging media
  • Creating AdWords campaigns and researching keywords
  • how to effectively leverage the available tools in marketing for social media including creating content and buying sponsored posts
  • Practical aspects of digital marketing and the role of agencies when campaign planning
  • Cross-media integration – tying it all together for acquisition and retention

Who should do this course?

  • Marketers with limited digital knowledge who want to understand more around how digital works
  • Start Ups and Entrepreneurs looking to up-skill in all areas of digital marketing 
  • Digital technologists looking to understand and align to marketing goals
  • Ideal for both B2B and B2C marketers
  • Client or agency side
“Valentina is an absolute star and industry leader. I was astounded by her depth of knowledge, recommendations for self-learning and passion. I would highly recommend this course to all in the industry - even as a refresher. ”
Destiny Willetts, NewsCorp



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