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ADMA’s Do Not Mail Register is a service to help consumers opt out of unwanted or unsolicited mail. It also reduces costs for marketers and helps easily identify customers who have opted out of receiving mail.

As consumer journeys change and evolve, organisations like ADMA continue to maintain and administer a valuable marketing ecosystem which fosters trust and transparency.

The Do Not Mail Register is a service for consumers who do not want direct mail sent to their address, as well as marketers who want to improve their response rates.

Do Not Mail For Consumers

To reduce the amount of direct mail arriving at your address, please fill out the form below, and wait at least 45 days for it to be processed.

ADMA administers the Do Not Mail Register to facilitate trusted connections between consumers and businesses, but only ADMA members - and a few non-members who agree to participate - are bound by the register.

Putting your name on the Do Not Mail Register won’t stop all advertising and marketing mail arriving at your address, though it will reduce unsolicited mail.

The Do Not Mail Register will not stop or reduce the mail from:

  • Companies that are not members of ADMA
  • New businesses seeking you out as a new lead 
  • Businesses that want to market themselves to your business
  • Unaddressed mail like brochures, letterbox drops and flyers

As always, there are other steps consumers can take to reduce unsolicited mail:

  1. Place a sticker on your letterbox - such as No Junk Mail or No Unsolicited Mail - to clearly identify that you do not want unsolicited mail.
  2. Redirect mail you receive back to the organisation by writing “Return To Sender” and “No Junk Mail” on the envelope and putting it in a mailbox.
  3. Phoning, writing or emailing the organisation that has sent you the unsolicited mail and asking to be removed from their marketing database.

For consumers who want to avoid phone calls from marketers, register on ACMA’s Do Not Call Register  - it’s important to note that charities, political parties, research companies and educational institutions are exempt from the ACMA register, so you may still receive calls. Consumers can use this form to check the registration of their numbers or call 1300 792 958 for more information.

Under Australia’s Spam Act, all electronic mail sent to emails or mobile phones should have a clear unsubscribe link. There are rules outlined in the SPAM Regulations 2021 around the unsubscribe facility.

ADMA works to support trusted connections through direct mail as part of its commitment to support better marketing.

You can apply to register your details on our Do Not Mail Register by filling out the form below:

Do Not Mail For Business

Some consumers prefer to opt out of receiving marketing offers and mail.

When maintaining electronic messages and print databases, all marketers should actively maintain a ‘Do Not Solicit List’ to keep accurate data records, maintain trust with customers and reduce costs.

For mail-only databases, ADMA’s Do Not Mail list is open to all member and non-member businesses. You can register and purchase the Do Not Mail Register to add to your own Do Not Solicit list and facilitate higher quality marketing results.

The Do Not Mail Register helps avoid waste, customer complaints and offers more accurate data.

ADMA offers a range of training to help businesses administer best practice marketing that complies with fast-changing regulations. These include making sure your business must:

  • Be trained in privacy compliance
  • Understanding the role of cookies and best practice around technology
  • Have an internal staff member to act as your central point of contact for privacy issues or complaints

If you have any questions please email [email protected].