Do not mail

ADMA is the industry body representing many of Australia’s leading and most respected businesses.

As such, we require them to adhere to high standards of conduct. It’s their aim to provide services and products that add value to your life and wellbeing.

However, we also require our Members to respect your privacy, and allow you to register to stop receiving addressed and unsolicited mail from them.

Who can register?

Anyone in Australia who would like to register a residential address and stop receiving addressed and unsolicited mail from ADMA Members.

Will registering stop all advertising and marketing mail?

Adding yourself to the Do Not Mail Register will reduce addressed and unsolicited direct mail from ADMA member businesses and organisations.

It will not stop or reduce the amount of addressed mail you receive from:

Companies of which you are a current customer
Companies that are not members of ADMA
Businesses that market themselves to your business
The delivery of unaddressed mail, including brochures, letterbox drops and flyers
How quickly will you notice a reduction in unsolicited mail?

Please allow up to 45 days for your request to be processed and ADMA Member organisations to register it. Your patience in the meantime is appreciated.

What to do if unsolicited mail continues after 45 days

If you continue to receive unsolicited mail from an ADMA Member after 45 days (or six weeks), you may lodge a complaint with the Code Authority. To lodge a complaint after 45 days, please email the code authority at