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Introducing the ADMA WFH Marketing Masterclass

A 12-week online, live-streamed Marketing Masterclass consisting of two interactive lunch time sessions per week. World-leading educator, Mark Ritson will take you on an advanced and applied journey through the contemporary challenges of modern marketing. It's your opportunity to gain invaluable insights and strategic tools just when you need them most, from any online location, on any device.

Why is it being offered by ADMA?

ADMA, as the largest industry body for marketing and advertising, has always and continues to, steadily focus on what will make the industry successful in the short term and long term. No matter how difficult the times.

This Masterclass is priced to enable all Australian marketers (in both B2C and B2B) the opportunity to engage with someone of Mark's calibre and experience, starting at $445+GST for the entire 12-week Masterclass (just $37 per week - less than you used to spend on your lunch in a week ).

Become part of the solution in these tough times and be recognised for it with an online credential endorsed by ADMA and Mark Ritson.

Course Pricing

*Discounts available for Corporate Group Bookings

Course Information

About your lecturer

Mark Ritson
Mark Ritson
Brand consultant and former marketing professor

Armed with a BSc and PhD in Marketing from Lancaster University, Mark has spent the last 20 years teaching marketing to MBA students at some of the world's top business schools, including award win

Open for enrolments now, this 12-week program includes two interactive sessions per week on a specific strategic concept, building on these concepts each week to deliver a complete marketing strategy understanding.

Mondays at Noon (Sydney time - AEDT):

  • The theory behind the marketing concept
  • How this concept applies in a regular business environment
  • How this concept applies in a COVID-19 environment
  • And concluding with a case study of best practice of this concept
  • Plus you can add your questions to Mark throughout the week, ready for Thursday’s session

Thursdays at Noon (Sydney time - AEDT):

  • A live Q&A session to answer your questions posed throughout the week.
  • An opportunity to discuss how the learnings apply to your workplace.
  • Your chance to discuss and even challenge some of the information.

Mark will curate an online learning and interactive experience that will directly benefit your company and ensure that you stay sharp and emerge from this difficult time as an even better marketing professional.

Course Modules

Launching on Monday 20th April, this 12-week programme will include two interactive sessions per week on a single topic, with each week building on the previous week's topic.

  1. Week 1: Market Orientation

    The crucial first step in any company's approach to marketing success. How do you build your business around the customer and maintain that focus both personally and organisationally?

  2. Week 2: Market Research

    We examine the key methods for market research and look at what an ideal annual research mix looks like for both SMEs and bigger businesses.

  3. Week 3: Segmentation

    The map of the market! We examine the pros and cons of different approaches and deep dive into Mark’s favourite approach with a live example.

  4. Week 4: Strategy

    We take off our diagnosis hat and move to strategy. This week we examine what strategy looks like and what you need to become strategically successful in marketing and beyond.

  5. Week 5: Targeting

    It's a key strategic challenge and one that has become more complex in the last few years. Mass-marketing or targeting? Long or Short? We answer big questions this week.

  6. Week 6: Positioning

    Another core strategic challenge. We strip away the bullshit that this concept has attracted in recent years and look practically at how to get the right position for your company or brand.

  7. Week 7: Codes

    The other side of the positioning challenge is distinctiveness: standing out. We look at how brand codes achieve that end and discuss how you can discover, apply and thrive using your brand codes.

  8. Week 8: Brand

    What is it? How do we build one? Break one? And what are its intrinsic advantages to the business. Super important stuff.

  9. Week 9: Brand Architecture

    If you understand brands, the next question is how many and what structure should they form within your business. We answer these key questions across an all-important week.

  10. Week 10: Tactical Touchpoints

    We look across the key tactical areas where your brand can and should have an impact on the market. Topics include price setting, brand naming, distribution, promotions and more.

  11. Week 11: Communications

    What are the key lessons for successful marketing communications in a digital age? We look at the key drivers of advertising effectiveness and discuss issues like creativity, ESOV and budget setting.

  12. Week 12: Tracking and Budgeting

    As the year comes to a close how do you assess your marketing's performance? And how do you set the right budget for the year ahead. We look backwards, then forwards in our final week.

There's never been a greater need for marketers to innovate. It's vital we adapt our thinking across the board in terms of revenue generation, product, pricing, distribution and customer engagement. This is the marketing course for right now.


The online-only course starts on Monday 20th April with the first live session with Mark Ritson beginning at 12 noon (EST). On-demand recordings of this first session will be available immediately after the live session for the following 7 days.

The course runs for 12 consecutive weeks as one hour live sessions each Monday and Thursday at noon with Mark Ritson. So one hour on Mondays for 12 weeks plus one hour on Thursdays for 12 weeks.

ADMA, Australia's leading industry body for marketing and advertising, has teamed up with world-renowned marketing educator, Mark Ritson to bring you the ADMA WFH Marketing Masterclass.

Mark will draw from his award-winning teaching at some of the world's top business schools, extensive experience as a consultant for some of the biggest brands on the planet and his proven approach to virtual training. He will provide you with invaluable insights and tools just when you need them the most.

The Masterclass is 100% online and can be studied from literally any location with a web connection. The sessions will be delivered live but available as recorded content if you cannot make the live stream. This can be accessed by students for 7 days post session.

Each week of the ADMA WFH Marketing Masterclass will kick off with Mark joining you for (virtual) lunch and delivering an applied and enjoyable one-hour exploration of a key marketing concept. His examples will illustrate how this concept could and should be put to use in your organisation finishing with a case study of a company that most exemplifies the concept. It will be a highly engaging, lively and interactive session inviting contribution from participants. And, of course, discussion of the implications of that concept in a coronavirus hit market.

Mark will then provide five weekly concept resources - PDFs, articles, videos, podcasts and other material – to provide depth to the concept and that can be accessed online.

Everyone returns on Thursday, again for a spot of lunch with Mark, to bookend the concept and answer your questions in an interactive seminar. You can ask for points of clarity, challenge some of the concepts, or ask about how to directly apply the content to your business, brand or career.

Over 12 weeks, you’ll dive into the kind of stuff that you can usually only access at the very top business schools or via the most expensive consulting firms.

Immediately following the live sessions, there will be recorded on-demand videos and podcasts of the sessions along with details of the week's resources. This can be accessed by students for 7 days post session.

With the economic turmoil Australian businesses are experiencing through coronavirus, it's vital we find ways to keep going (and growing). There are clear solutions and we can all be part of them.

As marketing and advertising's largest industry body, ADMA reacted quickly recognising that now more than ever, marketers need to innovate and think differently about how we generate revenue, pricing, product, distribution and customer engagement. This is the marketing course for right now.

We feel it's an important and necessary contribution to the stability and success of marketers and brands survival in the toughest of times.

The course is open to everyone, from anywhere, but primarily marketing executives at all levels. It is available to ADMA members and non-members alike.

Attending the course is equivalent to $37 per week (less than buying your lunch each day for a week). The total cost for the 12-week course is $445+ GST for ADMA Members and $495+GST for non-members. Corporate and group discounts are also available.

Students attending the 12 livestream or recorded sessions, the 12 Q&As and asking at least one question each week, will qualify for the “ADMA Marketing Masterclass” digital credential or badge. The badge is designed to be shared on resumes and LinkedIn and includes third-party verification of authenticity so employers can check the authenticity of the badge (and your knowledge).

Yes, the sessions will be livestreams and then available for the rest of the week in recorded form. You can access the sessions from anywhere that has a wireless connection.

At the completion of this course you will receive an ADMA WFH Marketing Masterclass Digital Badge. Digital badges symbolise your achievements in a way that can be displayed, accessed, verified and shared online.

Yes, if you'd like a larger number of people to be registered for the course please email us at [email protected] or call 0428 302 323.

No. This is a specially curated program designed to help marketers current WFH. The course will not be run again.

More Information

Course Structure

12 weeks of 2 x 1 hour livestream sessions, also available on-demand

Every Monday, Mark will provide a 1-hour highly engaging and interactive live session exploring a key marketing concept.

After each session, Mark will provide five resources (PDFs, articles, videos, podcasts) to deepen students knowledge on the concept. This can be accessed by students for 7 days post session.

Every Thursday, Mark will return live to answer any questions on the week's concept in an interactive seminar.