Why Full Stack Search Teams are the Future!

11 Apr 2019

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Search is still one of the best channels for growth, but it’s also more competitive than ever. What do the most successful companies do to win the search battle?

To Win, Dive In

In a lot of cases companies will hire a single SEO consultant to grow what can be a very lucrative marketing channel. But that hire can do very little without begging and borrowing resources from other teams to implement changes. In addition, those changes may not have an immediate impact thus straining confidence in the resource allocation to those projects.

“An SEO strategy in 2019 will often require developers, content creators, designers and even product managers”

Get The Team Excited About Growth

As a marketer you’re already pumped about growth and ensuring those graphs point in the right direction, but what about the rest of the team that live outside of marketing?

It’s important to get the team excited about the numbers, articulating and aligning the awesome work they do with the awesome numbers you’re seeing.

Build that growth team around your organic north star metric and enjoying the journey to reaching it.

A Good Place To Start

Find a strong SEO to uncover those opportunities that will improve the metrics you care about. This will dictate the immediate requirements within the team but let's assume you are large and complex, like an Ecomm site. There are probably a lot of wins in the scalable fundamentals.

Tools: Get the right tools such as Botify and integrate Google Console, GA and your log data. Think about the visibility you now have of how both users and Google see your website.

Scalable Visibility: Have access to your data team, they are going to help provide the scalable insights into your strategy.

The Get Sh*t Done Artist: Get that engineer that will simply jump in and get sh*t done.

Share The Success

When you’re PMing a growth team, it’s part of your job to make sure people feel excited about the mission of that team, and feel great when you’ve made a real impact on the business like we do here at hipages.com.au

Happy Growing!

Colm Flanagan, SEO Manager, hipages

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