Who owns social data?

04 Oct 2016

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By: Andrew Brimingham for ADMA

The exact nuances of who owns data and how they can use it does vary between social platforms, and it takes a close reading of each one’s privacy and data use policy in order to understand it. As such, brands should be very conscious of privacy and legal considerations when accessing or using social data.

Firstly, in the majority of cases, the right to use social data sits primarily with the platform provider, and the brand may be seen as a third party user, which carries various constraints on use.

Secondly, when actually using social channels to post, share and repost, brands should be just as conscious as individuals that once posted on a social platform, their data can be taken, repurposed and shared in a manner not under their control.

Once information is out there, it’s able to be pushed into the public domain even if posted privately in the first instance, so companies need to be very cognisant of potential fall-out from content posted under their brand’s username.

Facebook owns its own data and is strict with how that data can be applied.

“We take privacy very seriously, and we don’t pass any personal information of people in the Facebook and Instagram community to any third-parties. The data behind our targeting capabilities can only be used when communicating to people on our platforms,” says Steve Lockwood, measurement & insight lead, Australia & NZ, Facebook

“We think ads should be as relevant and interesting as the other content you consume on Facebook, and with the launch of recent products, we’re providing advertisers the ability to reach customers and prospects in ways that are more relevant and customised to them.

“And we have built these experiences in a way that protects our users’ privacy – neither advertisers nor third-parties get any personally identifiable user data from any of these products.”

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