What will Content Marketers be focusing on in 2019?

27 Nov 2018

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Every year we tend to see a shift in industry focus. It can be the result of a combination of things such as the emergence of new technology, increased customer expectations, or increased competition of talent working in particular fields. The same can be said for content marketing.

According to Forbes.com, the content marketing industry would be worth more than $400 billion by 2021. Therefore we can safely claim that there is no slowing down in this area of expertise and let’s face it, everyone wants to be a content marketer in 2018!

But, what will content marketing look like in 2019? And how will content marketers be required to step up to the plate and deliver best-in-class content? 

1. Content Strategy is key

The Content Marketing Institute, claim that 65 percent of the most successful content marketers have a documented strategy. And the two biggest benefits of a documented content marketing strategy are that it aligns the wider team around common mission/goals and makes it easier to determine which types of content to develop. 

2. Video is hot property

No surprises that video will continue to take centre stage into 2019. As Cisco reports, in 2019, video will represent over 80 percent of all internet traffic, and for the U.S. alone it will be over 85 percent. So content marketers near and far should be fine tuning their strategies to ensure that video has good representation and the right resources are onboard to create high quality content that drives awareness, engagement and converts.

3. Social listening paves the way to better customer experience

Wouldn’t it be great if us marketers could tap into what customers were saying about our brand? Hang on… it is 2018! We already have that capability! If you’re a content marketer and haven’t acquired social listening technology, you are only hearing a fraction of your customer feedback. There is a wider net of communication that you need to be part of.

Not all of your customers are following you on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. So it’s possible that you’re missing important conversations (good and bad) revolving around your brand. Tracking sentiment is the key here and tapping into trends that influence your brand or overcoming objections that your customers have, will provide you with the intelligence you need to deliver an exceptional brand and customer experience.

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