What makes a CMO of tomorrow?

25 Oct 2016

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By: ADMA Staff

With the rise of digital media, there’s no argument that in the next few years, the role of the CMO will evolve the most in any organisation to keep up with the times. Where in the past, marketing was clearly defined into the four Ps, organisations now have to adopt complexed marketing strategies and embrace new technology to innovate and remain relevant in the business.

This shift is the main push factor in the broadening and redefining of a CMO’s role. So what does it take to be a CMO of tomorrow and lead a team to marketing success?

1. Future CMOs need to understand the correlation between great customer experiences and bottom line results. By doing so, they can build exacting marketing teams that can both deliver on ROI and create customer-centric KPIs.

2. A CMO of tomorrow collaborates and mediates at a leadership level to ensure that the brand stays focused and the executive team buys into an ethos of customer centricity.

However, we must not be fooled into thinking that change need only come from the CMO. According to a research conducted by ADMA and the Oracle Marketing Cloud in the Asia Pacific region, not all CMOs are displaying the necessary skills and focus needed to meet the requirements in digital transformation due to the lack of support in their transition beyond marketing into customer experience.

In fact, in order for a company to be successful in customer experiences, all departments need to be involved in the process. Marketers can’t deliver on customer experience alone—even with a bag of tricks and tools up their sleeves. Moving forward, other departments such as IT, Finance and Technology will play critical roles on the impact of delivering outcomes.

Rather than just understand modern marketing, CMOs will have to strive to work collaboratively with senior executives to push the organisation forward into the future and deliver the best results on engaging people and increasing customer advocacy.

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