What being an ADMA member means for GTM and their clients

02 Jun 2017

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ADMA is the Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising and the principal industry body for data-driven marketing and advertising.

Good Things Marketing (GTM) has been a member of ADMA for the past few years, growing a strong network of innovative specialists in order to provide our clients with the most effective marketing practices in an ever developing landscape. Our CEO Helen Ahrens is also the South Australian Chair of ADMA, helping to facilitate events where the best in the industry meet the best practices nationally.

We're in good company with our other fellow ADMA members including Microsoft, eBay, Google, Qantas, Telstra, Visa, Toyota, Moet and Chandon, Nestle, Westpac, Tourism Australia, Woolworths and more.

So what does being an ADMA member mean to us and for our clients?

Growing networks across Australia and Asia 

Being an ADMA member allows GTM to tap into a wealth of knowledge and form close ties with other members of the largest marketing association across Asia. ADMA is the ultimate authority and go-to resource for effective and creative data-driven marketing across all channels and platforms, providing insight, ideas and innovation for today's digital, social media, PR, advertising and marketing industries.

With over 600 members who are at the forefront of the marketing and advertising landscape, ADMA exists to help its members navigate the rough terrain of the ever changing digital landscape. These corporate members include; major financial institutions, telecommunications companies, energy providers, leading media companies, travel service companies, airlines, major charities, statutory corporations, educational institutions and specialist suppliers to the industry including advertising agencies, software and internet companies. The ties with this group of corporate members allows GTM to grow its network and gives us insight into the best practices adopted by leading companies worldwide.

Advocacy and Education

ADMA also supports its members through advocacy to Government and regulators as well as ongoing opportunities for education. Therefore, our membership can help us, as well as our corporate clients, understand and comply with with current codes of practice and the current industry standards. This connection, as well as the rich source of online and offline tools provided by ADMA, helps GTM stay at the forefront of digital marketing solutions in order to help us achieve the best solutions for our clients.

Recently, Helen was asked to provide her comments on the national influencer advertising guidelines in national press on the day that they were implemented within Australia. Her insight into this ever changing landscape offers our clients cutting edge intelligence and solutions to stay ahead of the pack, whilst also complying with relevant laws.

The article in full is available here: Advertising watchdog to oversee guidelines for using influencers in ads: What businesses need to know.

Events and Conferences

With our CEO Helen Ahrens as the Chair of ADMA SA, GTM is able to play an active role in curating and running ADMA events both locally and nationally. These include SA based events such as Innovation in our Industry: Virtual Reality and Video, which sold out quickly due to the innovative guest speakers including SA Tourism, Sportsbett from Sydney, ADD Life Tech, Appliquette, ThoseCreatives and more. Our ADMA events encompass not only the corporate sphere but also provide educational events for not for profits and charities. In May this year, Helen and the ADMA SA committee organised another sold out event, Digital Transformations in NFP’s and Charities, with guest appearances by representatives from Surf Life Saving Foundation from QLD, Flinders Foundation and Freerange Future. GTM is proud to be a major sponsor of these events.

The ADMA Global Forum is a global conference that brings together many global influencers in data-driven marketing, media, advertising, and technology. The world’s brightest minds shine a light on what’s possible today – with best-in-class practices designed to shake up traditional thinking and drive the industry forward. GTM works with ADMA to help source the best talent and attendees for this event and has seats front and centre each year in anticipation of the wealth of knowledge on offer.

Our clients are also offered discounted tickets to attend insightful conferences and events such as these. In working with GTM, our clients gain the opportunity to connect with the ADMA community as well as being as being invited as special guests and presenters at these events. This allows them network, showcase and collaborate with like minded innovators within their industry. 
ADMA Global Forum speakers in Sydney

Authority and Trust

Being an accredited ADMA member allows our clients to feel confident in their choice of marketing agency and in the results that we can provide. As an ADMA member, GTM is held to a higher standard and expected to lead the way, with groundbreaking innovation and nationally leading results. This innovative approach allows us to offer our clients effective marketing campaigns no matter what their budget may be. This allows you to trust that your marketing team is up to speed on the current codes of practices and industry standards.

Learn More & Get in Touch with GTM

If you are looking for an ADMA accredited agency to kickstart your marketing or to bolster your existing marketing efforts, please leave us a comment below or reach out to us here. Alternatively if you are interested in becoming an ADMA member, give us a call today to chat about your options and what benefits ADMA’s membership can bring to your organisation.

This article originally appeared on the GTM blog.

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