28 Sep 2021

Webinar: Loyalty: A New Delta for Data Takeaways

In September’s ADMA Lunch & Learn online webinar, ‘Loyalty Programs: A New Delta for Data’, we we’re joined by Philip Shelper, CEO of Loyalty and Reward Co. Phil shared expert insights on loyalty programs, how they generate valuable data, engage customers in a meaningful experience and build brand sales and retention in the current data decade we live in.

Data has become a foundation that many brands build their experiences on. Throughout the next year, we will see many shifts surrounding data. Google will be banning the use of cookies on Chrome, there will be higher penalties for non-complying with new rules, making it more difficult to access zero and first-party data.

However, loyalty programs can help your business’ data-driven marketing efforts through the collection of data, managing customer life cycles, as well as enabling personalization.

Phil brings with him extensive expertise in the field of loyalty marketing, having grown loyalty programs for brands like Qantas and Vodafone. He is also passionate about the history and the psychology of loyalty.

Phil revealed five key data challenges facing marketers today:

  • Identifier Depreciation,
  • the Rise of Walled Garden Data,
  • the Privacy Act 1988 Review,
  • Spam Regulations 2021,
  • and the ACCC Loyalty Programs Review.

Phil outlined the Member Engagement Canvas and notes areas where he often sees deficiencies within a company. He also shared learnings on how loyalty programs can be the solution to the above challenges and outlines the ten major categories of loyalty programs stating that merchant funded loyalty programs are expected to boom over the next few years.

The most popular manifestation of this is card-linking, where the user connects their debit or credit card to an app or website. When they spend with that card at participating merchants, the user earns cash-back or points in their account.

Phil provided an emphasis on the many different types of loyalty programs and why it is important to consider which layout will work best for your business. Once a loyalty program is in place, it is crucial to have an efficient lifecycle management strategy established, ensuring communication is personalised to each individual member.

Phil took us through the many ways data can be collected from a loyalty and rewards program such as at the joining process, the point of a transaction, through social media linking as well as household clustering.

If you missed this episode of Lunch and Learn, watch the full discussion here.

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