Unpacking opportunity with Martech and Real-time Data Execution

20 Jun 2019

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After being in the industry for over 25 years, Dean Chadwick, CMO, Velocity Frequent Flyer has grown a passion for strategising and implementing one-to-one marketing.

With the industry experiencing increased investments in martech, we now have a capability of one-to-one marketing far better than ever before. We can look at audiences more granularly, we are bringing together our data sources across the enterprise, we’re making decisions in real-time based on modelled audiences and pushing it through to our stacks. And we are delivering it to our customer with an omni-channel approach.

These capabilities are enabled using new technology, however marketers still don’t seem to have the capability of reporting an adequate return on investment in revenue and efficiencies in conversion rates. If they are not getting customers buying their products and services, they start questioning the one-to-one approach.

What happens when marketers aren’t able to report a return on the one-to-one approach? They revert back to mass marketing and look to the top of the funnel for answers, and start to question their purpose and brand alignment. But what about all the data?

At ADMA Data Day 2019, Dean Chadwick reveals that it is important to do both!

If you want to learn more about Dean’s approach to unpacking opportunity with one-to-one marketing and personalisation by using martech and real-time data execution, you can watch his full keynote on Data Day On-Demand here

Here are four key areas of focus that you can look forward to in Dean Chadwick’s Data Day presentation:

  1. Know where you are on your data journey and also where you need to get to
  2. Ask customer what they want to enable you to augment inferred data
  3. Use the power channel to tell rich data stories
  4. Be precise but also be persuasive

View Data Day On-Demand here

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