12 May 2021

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Treasurer’s view on importance of digital skills welcomed by ADMA

ADMA, the Association for data-driven Marketing and Advertising, welcomed the Federal Government’s 2021 Budget, observing the investment in technology will be essential to achieving the Treasurer’s aim to drive unemployment below 5%. In addition, women will get a boost through childcare and superannuation measures, allowing more women to secure their financial security through upskilling and returning to the workforce.

Andrea Martens, ADMA CEO said: “Digital infrastructure and digital skills were called out by the Treasurer as being critical for competitiveness, as the Australian economy ‘roars’ back to life.”

“We were heartened that AI, cyber security and digital cadetships were identified as key to encouraging more innovation in Australia, three things that ADMA believes allows our industry to grow further and be internationally competitive.”

One of the key areas that has been focused on was improvement of women’s financial security through the encouragement of non-traditional roles, investment in STEM and an improvement in flexibility to superannuation. Martens asserts, “This boost to jobs and training will allow more women to enter into the digital sector and be able to focus on their careers in our industry.”

While an increase in women’s affordability to get back into the workforce was identified as a key reason for the investment in childcare, this won’t come to fruition until July 2022.

Small and family businesses were identified by the Treasurer as being the ‘engine room of the economy’. ADMA’s focus on the development of sole traders and small business through training aligns with that sentiment. “As more flexibility, freelancers and working from home have become prevalent within our industry, investment into small business will allow more training for those who are not part of bigger organisations. Our recent launch of the Data Driven Marketing Practitioner Membership (D2MP) will allow those in our industry to keep thriving and being part of smaller entities will not mean they are left behind.” Martens states.

A focus on mental health has been a key concern for ADMA, particularly over the last 12 months. Increased investment in mental health is welcomed, as the marketing industry has been touted as one of the worst affected by the side effects of the pandemic.

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