The winning ingredient in the innovation race is… Diversity and Inclusion

02 Oct 2018

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Creating a true culture of inclusion and keeping your team feeling valued, understood and engaged is a winning ingredient to keeping ahead in the innovation race.

Nurturing an inclusive culture that champions diversity and provides a framework for behaviour modelling is at the heart of successful leadership in the age of disruption.

At our recent ADMA Global Forum event, we had the pleasure of hearing the thoughts and opinions of a panel who are all very passionate about diversity and inclusion for a variety of reasons. The panel consisted of: 

Here are some of the insights surrounding Diversity and Inclusion that were shared by the enthusiastic panel:

  • When we have effective diversity and inclusion (diversity doesn’t cut it all by itself) we actually have the opportunity to bring greatness to customer experience management. And that is going to change the game in terms of which companies win and which companies loose. ~ Jacqui McNamara
  • Young people these days don’t just want to work at supermarkets, they want to do jobs that are really going to make an impact and they have really unique perspectives and really unique solutions and because of that, they can add value to your team. ~ Scott Millar
  • By combating algorithmic bias, genderisation in voice assistance, and encouraging more women in tech we can encourage diversity in the application of exponential technologies like AI, Biotech, Brain-computer interface technology and Blockchain - which have impacts in how we operate in business and our personal lives. ~ Alyse Sue
  • I wanted someone to take charge and I saw there was no one in Advertising teaching people how to change the language they use in communications to be appropriately targeting segments... so I decided “Well I better do it”. ~ Anne Miles
  • In FMCGs there is 50% women in the workforce however there is only 12% of women who make it into CEO positions in this country. There is a big way to go in supporting women in more senior roles. ~ Belinda Tumbers

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