The value of measuring content marketing ROI

05 Jul 2017

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At a time when consumers are being bombarded with different messages 24/7, not getting drowned out by the noise is a top priority for every marketer. This is why, in the last few years, content marketing has overtaken traditional marketing tactics as a key foundation to building trust and a long-lasting relationship with customers.

What makes content marketing so effective is the ability to customise and personalise the messages to your customer’s preferences and engage them in a meaningful manner. In order to succeed in your content marketing strategy, research in developing the right approach is of the utmost importance. But after developing and implementing your strategy, things shouldn’t stop just there.

While creating good content is the first step to success, content marketing needs to have longevity. This is why marketers have to be able to measure ROI – beyond traffic metrics – against its content activities. Without performance metrics, marketers will not be able to track and analyse if the content marketing is working for them or make necessary changes. Down the road, measuring content ROI will also assist in building a business case for content marketing and ensuring management buy-in as well as customer conversion.

Learn how our new Content ROI measurement model can be integrated into your marketing strategy to help you meet your business objectives in our 'Measuring Return on Investment' whitepaper.

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