The latest trend in content marketing

12 Oct 2016

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At the start of the content marketing era, blogs were everything. Brands’ inbound marketing efforts relied heavily on regular blog posts. With the focus on driving traffic to websites, relevant and high quality content will increase visits and convert, right? RIGHT?

Well, it seems audiences are over your blog and would rather consume great content elsewhere.

With the emergence of quality content publishing platforms such as Twitter’s Medium and LinkedIn’s Pulse, decentralised content marketing has become the new black.

In the days of blogging, all company content was to be consumed via one central platform – the company website. But now we’re seeing content become more decentralised, moving to various platforms to accommodate increasingly varying customer consumption habits.

According to HubSpot’s 2016 State of Inbound report

Only 29% of consumers will actually read a blog post, whitepaper or ebook.

So what type of content are your customers after? Take a look at the infographic below. If you jump on any bandwagon this year, decentralised content should be one of them!

Decentralized content infographic

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