The issue of brand safety

31 May 2017

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In partnership with Which 50, we have developed a series of podcasts, addressing the most pressing issues in marketing and advertising.

In our first episode we discuss the topic of brand safety.

Brand safety has been an issue making waves in the marketing industry over the past couple of months. Cases of ads appearing next to extremist content or on hate sites have raised an industry-wide concern about brand safety and programmatic advertising.

Joining host Andrew Birmingham from Which 50 is Ben Sharp, managing director and VP of AdRoll in the Asia Pacific, Imran Masood, ANZ country manager of Sizmek, Leah Daly, founder of Cherry Media Group and James Diamond, managing director of Integral Ad Science.

In order to address this issue, the first episode of our new IQ Spotlight series will tackle brand safety, so that marketers and advertisers can understand the risks, develop mitigation strategies and know the right questions to ask to ensure brand safety. 

As brand safety is part of a much broader discussion, the first episode will also cover the issues, challenges and potential solutions around viewability and ad fraud.

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