The future of marketing - Edition 4: Data-driven decision making

30 Nov 2017

  • Data-driven Marketing
  • Technology
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  • Marketing Technology

Brands are under intense pressure to deliver authentic and personalised experiences for the customers that also enable them to make an emotional connection with the brand. Data is the key to achieving this.

However the increasing number of channels and customer interactions, and the sheer amount of data available, leaves marketers to figure out the best way to gain usable insights.

This is where the right technology steps in. Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping marketers optimise and personalise campaigns so the right message is delivered to the right person at the right time.

Data and technology work hand in hand to build and strengthen brands’ emotional connections with consumers – which in turn provide competitive differentiation for brands.

In previous editions of the Future of Marketing almanac we explored media channels, technology, and customer experience. In the last edition of this series we explore whether businesses are using data the right way and why they should be; why culture matters in data; and how data has changed marketing. Check out Future of Marketing Issue

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