The future of marketing - Edition 2: Technology

18 Jul 2017

  • Technology
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A lot can change in a generation.

Eighteen years ago, for instance, there was no Facebook, no streaming movies or music, Y2K was a thing and the iPhone was seven years away.

Once you let that sink in, consider how much technology has changed. Consider how much it will change. When we look back, a generation from now, what will be the technology that we won't know how we lived without?

How will it change our industry and our roles as marketers?

"As we look forward, we expect customers to demand more personal and authentic engagements from their vendors," says Bill Binch, Managing Director, Marketo.

"This thrusts the head of marketing into the role of delivering that experience — onto the right device, and the right channel, with authentic information, to help shape the buying process."

In Edition 2 of our Future of Marketing almanac (see below), we take a look at technology that is set to profoundly change our industry, our roles and our lives.  

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