The future of marketing: Channels, technology, CX and data-driven decisions

19 Dec 2017

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The last decade has seen profound changes for consumers and marketers alike. With continuous advances in technology, the popularity of mobile devices and ongoing innovation in all sectors, consumers are in the driver’s seat. Changing brands at the first mediocre experience, customer experience is now one of the main points of differentiation for brands.

During the past 10 years there has also been a huge expansion in the diversity of the marketing technology landscape. In 2017, there are over 5,300 martech solutions available, as shown in Scott Brinker’s annual infographic.

marketing technology landscape 2017

This explosion of martech not only presents serious challenges for marketers around the world, but has also resulted in fundamental shifts in the role of the marketing department. CMOs are now at the heart of business decision-making and are the custodians of customer experience.

These changes also have a fundamental impact on channels and have led to increasingly sophisticated data-driven decision-making.

Our almanac series on the Future of Marketing addresses these changes.


With drastic changes in how audiences consume content, channels need to work closely with brands to ensure they use new technologies to deliver exceptional experiences through their services.

Edition 1 of our almanac looks at four different channels to see what they’re doing now to overcome challenges and what their plans are for the future.

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Technology has changed drastically over the last generation and will no doubt continue to advance in the foreseeable future.

"As we look forward, we expect customers to demand more personal and authentic engagements from their vendors," says Bill Binch, Managing Director, Marketo.

"This thrusts the head of marketing into the role of delivering that experience — onto the right device, and the right channel, with authentic information, to help shape the buying process."

In Edition 2, we look at the technology that is set to profoundly change our industry, our roles and our lives.

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Customer experience

CMOs must learn to manage the complexity of a new marketing era, as by 2020 they and senior marketing executives will own the end-to-end customer experience, according to research by the Economist's Economic Intelligence Unit.

The third Edition of the Future of Marketing almanac focuses on customer experience, exploring why it matters, what kind of companies will come out on top, and how businesses can stay ahead of the game.

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Data-driven decision making

With the help of advanced technologies, like AI, marketers can now make sense of the overwhelming amount of data available – separating truly valuable insights from simple data noise.

In Edition 4, we explore whether businesses are using data the right way and why they should be; why culture matters in data; and how data has significantly changed marketing.

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